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Turn left on Mother Lakewood 558 at the saddle traversing easily more than 1Y mi with only a couple switchbacks to the juncture SE of Bull of the Lakewood. See that mountain and Mount Jefferson en route to the turnoff (counterclockwise loop for later). Lakewood (now on Welcome Lakes Trail 554) to the next crossroads at a little ridge saddle; turn left on Schreiner Peak Trail 555 and hike less than a mile down 17 tight switchbacks (and 500 ft to return up after summiting Big Slide Mountain). Stay on Trail 555 past Lakewood Trail 553 (N, left for Big Slide Lake) leveling past a tarn and West Lake Way Trail 556 (toward Welcome Lakes) on the right. Then ascend steeper up switchbacks NE less than 12 ml—this includes traversing the overgrown trail under the rocky summit to a tiny saddle just E of Big Slide Mountain.

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Instead of continuing down the path steeply to pretty Lake Lenore or bushwhacking right (NE) farther to Knob or Lakewood, turn left and scramble without too much difficulty or a solid trail up rocks and boulders to the top of nearby Big Slide Mountain. See Mount Jefferson, Mount.

Washington, Three Sisters, and Mount Hood above Lake Lenore and Schreiner Peak (5710 ft) at the end of the ridge (highest summit in the Wilderness) above an old burn area. Also see Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Rainier on a clear day. Observe your next goal (Bull of the Woods Lookout, 1V hours away) and return E to the trail when you are ready, or descend the rocks SW along the high ridge less than 5 mi to the end of the steeps and meet the main trail again.

Bull of the Woods Lookout is one of the bests locales for the view the Wilderness!.

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