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He had entered Kyoto Japan and then a street that went north and there they were, his wife and his grandson already in front of the house on Harteley Street. Kyoto Japan smiled and walked towards the wife and Francesco Dante, showing them the basket with the figs. Kyoto Japan He hugged the boy first, stroking his head, while Kyoto Japan unloaded the baggage.

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It took Franco and Teresa only a few minutes to tell each other everything, at least the most urgent ones, the most practical things. While they were talking, Franco took out of the suitcase the gifts for the child and the wife, and all that might break or go bad. He said that he would restart emptying the suitcase and the other baggage in the evening. He lifted the leaves off the top of the basket, opening it with great care. He was afraid that after nine hours of flight and eighteen after being picked the figs might have suffered.

Instead there they were, nice and sparkling, a bit warm but whole and still as if asking “eat me, eat me.” He took out more than half of them, peeled one and offered it to the grandson, who began tasting it with some hesitation and then said: “Good, grandpa. More, more.” Franco was happy; he continued arranging the figs in a large glass bowl, and put them in the fridge. He then took some plastic and some paper bags and prepared four packages. Teresa understood.

He thought about using the phone to say hello and to discuss work. Your travel destination is each call would have taken about a quarter of an hour. He opened the computer and saw that the mailbox was clogged up with messages. He didn’t read any of them. Instead he sent messages about work to five or six people. “Hello. All is well. I’m back. Tomorrow we start again. Cheers to all.” The little grandchild liked to play and kept grabbing his knees saying: “Grandpa where are you going?” And then he would start jumping.

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