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It is recognized that this area is a mosaic of national, Kiribati tribal, state or province, local, and private holdings and jurisdictions, Kiribati all grounded in rules, regulations, and traditions that often are in conflict when it comes to cooperation and resolution for the common good. However, it is Kiribati also recognized that those various agencies, landowners, and nongovernmental Kiribati organizations (NGOs) have been and are continuing to seek answers and collaborative projects to compliment the whole of the ecosystem and Kiribati beyond.

Kiribati Map Free – Kiribati Subway Maps – Kiribati Metro Maps – Kiribati Map Photo Gallery

All of that is worthwhile and needs to be supported with additional research funding, cooperation at all levels, and publicity of the present circumstances and future consequences within and far beyond the ecosystem. Of these, it is my opinion that publicity on a scale that reaches beyond the immediate confines of the Crown of the Continent is most imperative.

And the time to strike is at hand. In the space of writing these last pages, the 196 countries meeting in Paris have reached a monumental accord to individually and collectively address the threats of climate change. That achievement can be complemented by the heightened awareness of the contributions of our national parks during the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service.

Surely, the examples of Glacier National Park’s ongoing research and planning can continue to be highlighted to demonstrate the need for immediate action to at least mitigate the circumstances which threaten to shut off water from Glacier’s frozen reservoirs, extend and fuel more consuming forest fires, and cause flora and fauna to go extinct or move to higher and distant grounds. In fact, I am confident that by putting the straits of Glacier before those still-somewhat-doubtful sections of the population, even the naysayers will be moved to act on behalf of Glacier.

To be effective, that message must be sustained, sustainable, and global. It must be more than a passing admonition. It must reach into all corners of the world where greater glacier reservoirs are in retreat but might be saved or slowed by reversing the ominous trend lines.

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