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You will find plenty of nice picnic perches along Kent the wide-enough summit plateau with wildflowers and a nice breeze to cool off Kent and keep the flying bugs at bay. To the N you’ve got Bull of Kent the Woods Wilderness, N of the nearby Kent Creek valley. The tip of Mount Hood can be seen to the.

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NE just left of Battle Ax Mountain. To the E are Kent  Your travel destination iste and Mount Jefferson. Farther SE is Three Fingered Jack just left of Coffin Mountain, with Mount Washington, and Three Sisters. Marys Peak on the coast can be seen as well.

Locally we have the radio towers up Hall Ridge to Whitman Rock, Water Tower Mountain, and Sardine Mountain. Dome Rock down Tumble Ridge completes the cirque above Tumble Lake. If you walk a few more steps NW to the end of the summit you see the Forest Service road moving past the upper TH to Dome Rock. The winding, dusty, longer drive cheats you out of almost all of the hiking, shortening it to only 1/2 mi each way with very little elevation gain. Return the same way.

ELEVATION: 5526 ft on Big Slide Mountain; 5523 ft on Bull of the Woods Mountain, with 2810 ft vertical gain (3430 ft if you count ups/downs in both directions between summits).

DISTANCE: 5 5 mi to Big Slide Mountain, more than 11 mi round-trip loop.

DURATION: 2 hours to Big Slide Mountain, 5-6 hours round-trip loop.

DIFFICULTY: Strenuous. Long, tiring ups/downs, biting bugs June into August, recognizable trails, brief scramble, GPS device helpful.

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