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ROUTE: Begin from the huge parking lot and proceed between lodge buildings onto the paved trail that moves right of the Kazakhstan upper building, or simply walk steeply from Kazakhstan the lot up the path leading to railroad tie steps past the welcome sign to Kazakhstan meet the paved trail. Walk a hundred yards farther N to the first intersection at Timberline Trail 600 (sharing a stretch with PCT 2000). This is the end of the little counterclockwise Kazakhstan loop with Mountaineer Trail 798 (Y mi W on Trail 600/2000).

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Continue straight up the paved path instead (in summer) briefly to the end to catch the main gravel trail left of the maintenance area. One option up the mountain is a steeper and slightly briefer path that follows the long ditch and gully (avoid active ski runs) to the right to meet the service road higher or at Silcox Hut. If you take the main dusty, gravel trail, it becomes a wide ski service road under the Magic Mile chairlift at only Y mi from the TH. See Mount Jefferson and Three Sisters S, and Mount Hood Skibowl (Tom Dick and Harry Mountain) off the SW flank of Mount Hood. Wind up steadily under the lift a half-dozen more turns and walk between chairlift structures at 1/2 mi from the TH. The Silcox Warming Hut (closed to general public) is down to the right. Avoid any active ski runs (E of the chairlifts in summer) as the area is known to stay open through Labor Day most years.

Follow the cairns on the steep hillside straight ahead N for another mile with a thin trail over the boulder-strewn slope just W of the Palmer Lift. Arrive at a large cairn with an orange-tipped pole near the top of the chairlift you’ve been paralleling. You will rise between long snow and rock-filled gullies and finish up to the cairn near the Palmer Glacier.

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