Kathmandu Snow Capped Mountains View from plane Arriving in Nepal on Flight from New Delhi

I’m in Kathmandu but after a long visa process fee which I will explain to you a separate thing. I am through immigration stamped in for days in Nepal.

Now, you know what time it is, time to find my lift. It should be somewhere over there Okay, lets go look for me name first cross the road Ok that looks clear so, looking for..lots of people..Kathmandu guest house And that one is me.

Kathmandu Snow Capped Mountains View from plane Arriving in Nepal on Flight from New Delhi Photo Gallery

I’ll come around That’s me Okay, that’s good Mine was nice and easy to find, in case you’re one of these people, you go check for your name You know where to come now So basically you walk out the terminal and they’re just the other side of the road waiting for you. If you want a taxi, prepaid taxi they’re available inside. In the meantime I’ll find my way around and here he is.

Sorry for the long wait those queues and the immigration whoa, yeah it’s always like this you must get used to it. So there’s the door where you come out of folks then you cross the road and if you’ve got to driver or anything or hotel is being organized for you, they’ll be waiting along here for you. Now they’re quite strictly regulated These people are not allowed to go across, so when you come out the hotel you don’t, out of the airport sorry you don’t get flooded with people, you can come across the road look for your sign and off you go.

If you want a prepaid taxi, there is let me find it for you Just over here a prepaid taxi service also just across the road from the exit, and there’s a big board that’s got all the taxi rates on it and taxis here have to have a green plate like this Got a green plate taxi According to the sign have no idea exactly what that means, but if i do find out I’ll let you know. So you can actually check the price of your taxi by coming to this nice big board which has got all the different areas and lots of hotel names on as well and then you do have to remember that after p.m.

There is an extra and if you want aircon you pay extra but it gives you a guide anyway. Looks like they’re loading up my other passenger so let me get to my van, to the hotel. And we’re here, thank you very much.

Hello, Namaste, Namaste. Namaste Hello Hello How was your flight? Good thank you better than the traffic May I offer some tea, coffee, juice like a welcome drinks for you? Tea please, with milk or without milk? With milk please You need a signal? Yes please. Thank you very much, Thank you.

Kathmandu, at the hotel and a map. Bit of a journey from the airport to my hotel through the traffic of Kathmandu but arrived here to a nice welcome, nice cup of tea and now I’m on the fifth floor, no lift but that’s not a problem and here’s where I’m staying. Okay, let’s take you and show you my room now.

Here we go, here we go how cozy is that? I’m a bit worried that there’s duvets and thick pillows and things like blankets because I haven’t got any warm clothes So I’m hoping it’s not going to get that cold this time of year, but nice little clean tidy room, I’ve even got a TV. I don’t have control of the camera I do apologize, oh I do have control now so yeah two nice beds with oh nice sprung mattresses, a bathroom hot water is available they say, it just takes or minutes to run through the tap. Toilet and just for the record toilet paper.

We’ll come back to that later. And yes very nice room Kathmandu, Nepal. I made it, home of the Himalayan mountains and I can’t believe I’m here, it’s really quite incredible.

Journey out of New Delhi which is suffering terrible smog at the moment could hardly see out of the airplane window when we took off I’m really glad my flight wasn’t delayed because loads of flights have been canceled. But took off on time no problem smooth easy flight got very excited that as we approached to the Nepal border I could see snow capped, huge snow capped mountains. I know the post is not very good through the plane window but have a look at this What an amazing view that’s the Himalayan mountain and there’s snow on them Okay, gotta calm down.

So that was fine it actually took longer to get my visa Which I’ll do a separate about getting a visa on arrival in Nepal for future reference And then the transfer, transfer across town in the, through the traffic that I think those two together took longer than my flight from New Delhi to Kathmandu. But here I am the hotel is really nice, I’m on the fifth floor so they’re adjusting me to altitude, no lift so they’re gonna keep you up where Nepal is as well the places where it is gonna keep you healthy, but that’s what you come here for Now I’m gonna get something to eat. I know, I know I seem to be obsessed with food, but a man’s gotta eat and now I’ve got new cuisine.

I’ve gotten so used to Indian cuisine now I’ve gotta start Nepal cuisine, but before I for eat I’ve got to get money I’ve got no Nepal money at all so I have to go and get the Nepal rupee, find an ATM and get that out then I can go and eat because I’ll be able to pay for it you know you people shouldn’t do that the other way around and then explore a little bit around this area. It’s getting reasonably late on in the day It’s still light though so I’m going to see if there’s a nice sunset spot or somewhere, where I can take some photographs of Kathmandu for you, for today. Tomorrow is my planning day, because as you know this is a bit of a sort of spur-of-the-moment coming to, Nepal and Kathmandu.

I have organized nothing I’ve booked a hotel for tonight, this hotel and tomorrow night. That’s it, then I’ve got days so the manager here has kindly said he will sit down at breakfast with me, give me some tips, hints of what to do what I can do with my time. He did tease me though, he said you could do the Everest base camp trek in days.

And I’ve got days But he says it depends on weather and whether you’ll see the mountain or not. I mean to, I mean to come and see Mount Everest would be fantastic but there’s two problems, one I might do, I’ve only got days, so I have to leave the day after tomorrow and I haven’t really prepped in gear, but that wouldn’t bother me, and I may not see the mountain if the weather is not good and if there’s any particular low snow I might get delayed and then won’t be able to make it back for my flight. so tempting though the sight of Mount Everest is I’m gonna probably go for the Annapurna Circuit instead.

I hope you’re gonna enjoy and you’re as excited about being here as I am. It was very sad to leave India, I’ve had a really great time there, made some really good friends, a lot of you guys reading these s are Indians who have given me so many hints and tips and help on travelling around India. Thank you very much for that.

I hope you’re gonna continue to follow me as we take a look at Nepal now. So thanks for sticking with me and anybody from Nepal out there who’s got some hints and tips as well about your food, about where to go, let me know, I would love to hear your suggestions and yeah thank you for joining me on these trips. Let’s go get some food Lets go explore Kathmandu.

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