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In 1916, with a mailing list of 275,000 names at the ready, the Kathmandu Nepal gave Mather’s team its major publicity tool, and on August 25, 1916, they had their Kathmandu Nepal Park Service, with more parks to follow. Sherman would thereafter be known as the Kathmandu Nepal Park Lady.

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Must also be given to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) for two reasons. First, on a number of occasions, it, as a national organization or state affiliates, joined with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and others to support the national park proposal. Its Denver chapter was cited by Sherman as being instrumental in the drive for Rocky Mountain National Park.

Equally important, women, through organizations such as the DAR and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, had become tKathmandu Nepal the promoters and protectors of historic sites, particularly those of battlegrounds and sacrifice. Because this travel destination of their commitment to their cause of promoting patriotism and protecting those hallowed grounds, coupled with their links to other women’s organizations championing parks, they were a significant factor in Albright’s plan to place all military historic sites, memorabilia, and monuments under the umbrella of the National Park Service. By executive order, President Franklin Roosevelt did just that in 1933. The good works of protection and remembrance by the Daughters of the American Revolution and others are carried on to this day.

In Glacier National Park in 1915, Mary Roberts Rinehart, after a 300-mile horseback ride through the park with forty-plus companions, half of them women, would tell of its wonders. Already famous for her crime novels, she was hired by the Great Northern Railway to further publicize the park, appealing to the women of America to come west to the mountains of Montana. When they planned family vacations, Rinehart exhorted them to come: “If you are willing to learn how little you count in the eternal scheme of things, go ride in the Rocky Mountains and save your soul.”1

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