Kathmandu Monkey Temple Nepal Steamed Chicken Momo staircase to the Monkey Temple Nepal

Well, it’s my first Nepal meal and I’m trying steamed momo. Let’s see what It’s like, I wonder how you eat it. Momo, steamed chicken momo I think, it’s hot and has a dip? I’ll try using my fingers.

The sauce is nice too. Not spicy at all, a little spicy. A type of chicken inside, and I have no idea what It’s wrapped in.

Kathmandu Monkey Temple Nepal Steamed Chicken Momo staircase to the Monkey Temple Nepal Photo Gallery

Oh, that is spicy, ohohhh that is spicy. I had no spice at first, but now I’m feeling It. This is momo.

The sauce is spicy, what is the sauce? It’s the tomato olive mix sauces, it’s little bit spicy Mhhh little bit spicy, nice spicy. Like it? Mhhh nice. That is good.

What is this, what is this bit? This Is the , just a moment I’ll let you know ok. Well for those who haven’t been paying attention, I’m not in India anymore. It may come as a bit of surprise as the plans were for to stay in India, but I got an opportunity to go somewhere else.Nepal.

Kathmandu in fact and that’s where we’re walking through the streets of now. Just an hour and minutes flight from New Delhi took me into Nepal with a view of the Himalayan mountains snow capped on the way touchdown in Kathmandu. Struggled through the visa process which was simple but took ages and then struggled through the traffic and arrived at my hotel and now I’ve got my first night, my first evening in Nepal in Kathmandu.

And it’s a little bit quieter than India, also I’m cheating and walking down the street where no vehicle is allowed in the evening, a bit of evening entertainment so…

Specifically a tourist area. There’s loads going on there’s bars, cafes souvenir shops, I found an ATM so for now I’ve got some local Nepal, Nepal rupees which I can spend if I need to which is good and yes, just gonna enjoy the evening soak up the sites, do a little bit of research this evening and decide tomorrow where I’m gonna go and what I’m gonna do while I’m here in Nepal. Namaste Namaste.

Oh can I have my key please,. right? yes, thank you very much. Have a good evening.

Good evening sir. That small preview, of Kathmandu just one area, the sort of touristy area, but very pleasant fairly low-key lots to do now practicing for my potential future trek up to the fifth floor. Now I gotta make five floors without getting breathless and without needing to pause for rest.

So If I can’t do that I’m never going to manage a trek. I’m doing okay, third floor heading for the fourth. Okay fourth floor.

I feel it in my knees already, oh boy. Well I’m not cold anymore. And that was fourth, this is fifth.

This is it folks. I’ve made it, yes. I think the altitude has gone to my head already.

Make sure I go in the right room. Hey, welcome home folks. Breakfast time.

The beautiful view behind, Mount Everest. But back to breakfast. Juice, fruit, curd or yogurt, cereal, muesli, bread and a toaster, sausage, omelette, cauliflower, potato and pancake.

Okay folks wish me luck, I have signed up for a day trek through the mountains in Nepal. I say through the mountains, into the mountains, starting tomorrow. Had to do a little bit of shopping because I might be going up into the snow line, yes snow.

There are big mountains here in Nepal you know. And so I had to get some gloves, a warm hat and an extra pair of socks. I’ve borrowed a jacket and a sleeping bag.

In the meantime I’m spending the afternoon walking up to the Monkey Temple which I think I can see right up there above us, for sunset. I’ll show you a little bit of Kathmandu before I head off into the wilderness of Nepal. From what I’ve seen it looks really beautiful, I mean even just looking around here, it’s stunningly beautiful, but I’m gonna still try and take you with me, I will try, try and do recordings everyday of what the hike is like, accommodation, the weather, the views, the food and hope I survive.

I also hope I can keep the batteries charged because some of the villages may or may not have electricity so if I suddenly drop out, I haven’t fallen off the mountain or been crushed by an avalanche, well I hope not anyway, I’ve just run out of battery power. So tonight is getting prepped, charging everything. I also just found, talking of preparing everything, I just found a shop selling chocolate, real dairy milk.

So for my hike I’ve stocked up on, yes mini, average, smallish size of chocolate bars to put in my backpack to make sure I’m energized through the hike, you know because going up to, plus meters. That’s a long way up. So it’s not gonna be a stroll in the park.

I’ve been practicing at the hotel going up and down the stairs, five floors, now I’m practicing going up to the Monkey Temple and it’s actually quite tricky in this weather because it’s actually, quite cool so I’m puting my layers on, but I’m sweating because obviously when you’re walking and hiking you’re energizing, you get hot so it’s gonna be interesting. But for today, let’s go and take you and have a look at the Monkey Temple. Well this doesn’t bode too well for ten days trekking in the mountains of Nepal.

I’m heading up to the Monkey Temple, two thirds of the way? On the gentlest stairs, it’s now gonna be steep stairs ahead, which I’ll show you in a minute, and I’m already breathless and and sweating. I can make it, ten days let’s hope I survive. Okay I’ll show you the staircase.

Up, up there, come on, let’s get going. Thank you very much. You’re welcome sir.

Thank you. Thank you. Missed a step.

There we are, made it. Interesting afternoon at the Monkey Temple. Quite amazing, still a working temple so you’ve got to be respectful to the people who come here to actually do their worshiping and you gotta mind the monkeys and the dogs and a few other people.

But it’s quite an amazing part of Kathmandu. Sits high up on a hill so you do get good views over the city, you don’t get a particularly good sunset because the direction the sun sets there’s some big hills in the way and the sun actually goes down, sun comes off here maybe I don’t know about an hour before sun sets behind the mountains, so you don’t get much of a sunset, sorry I nearly stepped on a monkey there. So not much of a sunset but a great view of the city beautiful temple here and lots of monkeys of course.

It’s time to go back to the hotel now, pack and prepare for a : a.m. start in the morning.

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