Jodhpur to Ajmer by Train Ola taxi to Pushkar in Rajasthan India

Here’s Jodhpur railway station, all this noise i don’t know how these people are sleeping through that, don’t know how long are they sleeping. But doesn’t that look pretty for a railway station hey? It’s early morning in Jodhpur railway station but doesn’t it look pretty? Some compensation for getting up at half past five, small tuk-tuk drive, short tuk-tuk drive to the railway station which is looking very pretty, I’m not sure if it’s Diwali lights or it’s that the way it looks but it’s quite pretty, and already at now O’clock in the morning lovely and busy. Just outside the railway station, there is people sleeping everywhere, presumably waiting for trains, I’ve no idea how they managed to sleep through this racket tuk-tuk, people, trains but I guess you get used to it hey.

Jodhpur to Ajmer by Train Ola taxi to Pushkar in Rajasthan India Photo Gallery

Here we go : good news it looks like I’m on platform, gotta go through security so I’ll turn the camera off. And on to the platform, snacks for sale, fruit oh that’s a good idea. Gonna find me some banana’s, not too many.

Let’s have er, three “three piece, four piece?” uh four piece. thank you very much, four banana’s, rupees, banana’s always make great road snacks. It’s dawn and it’s train time at Jodhpur railway station, it’s a, considering it’s like AM in the morning, it is incredibly busy.

I haven’t seen a single train yet and my train is about, running about minutes late, so I’ve just wandered up here, a nice quiet area, see if I get a nice picture of a train coming in while I watch the dawn over there, the far side. Got some bananas for breakfast and today I’m off to Ajmer which is the closest railway station to a place called Pushkar, where they have the world’s largest Carmel fair, which should be commencing about now. So, I’ve had a few relaxing days in Jodhpur which has been a great place, uhhmm very, very little hastle, honest tuk-tuk drivers, nice food, good scenery, an amazing castle overlooks the whole city that illuminates at night uhhmm it’s been really great uhhmm I’ve still got up far too early and gone to bed far too late, tried to pack too much in so I didn’t really get much rest but I did have a great time.

Anyway I’ve got I think or hours on this train, maybe I can get an extra power nap in. And this should be my train, now all I gotta do is find the right carriage which I think, I’m in the wrong end of the train for looking for AC. Uh, still haven’t really organized how to wait at a railway platform at the right place to find my carriage.

Uh AC First, this looks likely, has to be mine, let’s go and have a look. No stickers left on the outside, that looks about right, heading that way, I wanna go, AC First oh or depending on which way it’s going, let’s hop on here, thank you. Oh dear this.let’s find a seat. this one’s been slept in that ones locked this one appears to be.locked, and locked ok all these doors appear to be locked no idea where I’m supposed to be.

There’s people sleeping oh so dark, put some lights on and here we are. Here we are folks, hope I’m in the right place, I’ll find out at some point. Good news, I found somebody official looking who had a clipboard, bit of paper and a tag saying ‘Railways’, showed him my ticket he says, yes I’m on the right train and yes I’m in the right compartment ha, so sit back and relax now.

Second thing I must do, ok not second thing because obviously I’m gonna eat something because I haven’t had breakfast yet, ‘cos I left the hotel far too early for breakfast, had to wake somebody up to actually get out even though I told them I was leaving. Uhhmm didn’t have any breakfast, got a tuk-tuk to the railway station, so first thing I’m gonna do when I settle in, is have some breakfast of bananas, biscuits and water. I wonder if they serve tea or anything on this train? Hmm anyway I’ll find out next when somebody comes around, I must find out what time the train arrives in Ajmer because this train goes on to Jaisalmer which is, is much farther down the line uhhmm and I’ve gotta go for Ajmer where I then take a train a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw or a taxi to Pushkar because the train doesn’t actually go to Pushkar. It’s going to be quite interesting because the first place I’ve stayed at doesn’t have a railway station.

Uhh with any luck I’ll get a compartment to myself again, I do have a plug socket so I shall be probably setting up the computer after breakfast and getting some more ging done, so you guys can keep up with the trip. Well thanks for joining me on the journey, I hope you’re having a great day and I hope that these posts encourage you to think about the broader world, go out there and explore. If you’re happy to stay at home and just join me on my adventures, that’s fine as well, remember to hit the comment button, give us a big thumbs up if you’re enjoying it and please feel free to comment, tell me about where you live, tell me about what you think of my travels and what you’d like to see.

As always, it’s a joy to have you along with me and I thank you very much for joining me on my adventures, ‘cos although I’m travelling alone which I have no objection to, it’s really nice to know that you guys are there too, so I thank you very much and have a wonderful day as I chug off on the slow train to Ajmer and Pushkar to see a Carmel fair. Goodbye Jodhpur, thank you for my great visit, see you next time, whenever that may be. Oh another train overtaking us, slowly, slowly, hello driver.

Off and there we are, Ajmer, we’re off the train in Ajmer, A lot of the station is down there but a lot of people are walking this way so let’s see if there’s an exit up here or maybe just the local’s way out, I don’t know, as long as I don’t have to climb over the railway, I’m sure I’ll be ok. Now let’s find my lift. Oh hang on, looks like an exit there actually, here we go.

Yep I can see tuk-tuk drivers waiting. Now when you get to Pushkar, there’ll be lots of people wanting to give you a lift as usual and they usually, to a thousand obviously to see what they can get but if you go to the little OLA store here, it’s like an app, like grabtaxi, to, you might have to wait a few minutes for your taxi, so I’ve ordered that, it will be about minutes and then it’s to max for a ride into Pushkar. Made it to Pushkar, it’s about a minutes ride, cost me pesos, pesos? rupees.

And now somewhere down here is the hotel Rising Star hmm, there’s the sign. Let’s push the door and see what happens “what are you doing there? ok stay time yea, yea, yea”. Oh yea there we got another sign, Hotel Rising Star, thank you, I’ve turned left, there she is, Hotel Rising Star..

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