Jaipur to Jodhpur via train in AC1 class India

To the railway station, Jaipur Junction. Let’s head into the station, find which platform my train is leaving from. oh there’s a big notice board over there.

It’s goodbye Jaipur. It’s been an action-packed couple of days hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I have it’s been great fun. Now heading to Jaipur Junction the railway station, the main railway station in Jaipur to take my train onto my next destination which is Jodhpur.

Jaipur to Jodhpur via train in AC1 class India Photo Gallery

Now let’s have a look. There we go. Oh there : intercity okay now hopefully it’s go, ah there we go Agra Ajmer intercity, Oh no i think mine’s the second one the NDLS, oh that is gone.

I was so busy trying to read it I missed what platform it was, doh. It was platform and : about minutes before it arrives, now i just know I need to go to platform. Is this your family? My family, my daughter is gone ahh your daughter is gone? yes .

Which one is your wife? my daughter and my sister, nice family, where are you from? from Jaipur from Jaipur? Jaipur is a very beautiful City. Thank you very much. And random people saying take photos of my family, you never know what is going on here, well I dont.

Platform, bingo. Oh look at that beware of pickpocketers good advice. Here we are platform, and there we go there’s my train, that one there :.

Ok, lets find a quiet spot on the platform and wait for my train. That’s the train, let’s go and find my seat. So there i am, i couldn’t see myself but let’s get in here we’ll just go in and find a place.

Am I going the right way now? It’s what? AC AC? AC yea. Simon Wicks i’m on there. My name is on here.

The cabins are closed I think, I have no idea if i’m in the right place or not. Oops sorry camera, found an empty cabin, no idea if this is where I’m meant to be or not, that’s what it looks like. Let’s see first, I think i’m in the right spot hopefully at some point somebody will come along and tell me if i am or not.

It’s been a nice relaxing journey, I’ve had the compartment entirely to myself which is really nice, I’ve had a powerpoint for electricity, aircon, view out the window, table pulled out the laptop, did some work, downloaded some photographs, brilliant. The only thing they didn’t have Wi-Fi [clicks tongue] but yes it’s been quite nice, it’s been a seven hour journey and I hope or think we’re soon rolling into Jodhpur, it’s got to be soon, hopefully i haven’t missed the station already because there are no announcements on the train, so I did enquire a little while ago when we stopped at a station that looked quite big and they said no no don’t worry two more stations. So we haven’t been to any others yet, so hopefully not this station but the next station we pull into will be Jodhpur.

It’s a nice view out of the window to watch India as it rolls past. So, so far i’ve had two journeys admittedly they were both quite high class ones but i’ve enjoyed both of them, and now i’m looking forward to arriving in Jodhpur and getting something to eat because I’ve jut snacked on the way, I..[whispered] I took a whole lot of stuff from the breakfast buffet this morning.

Banana’s, fruit, snacks, biscuits and some…

I have no idea what they were but they were quite tasty, and then i bought other snacks but i sort of ate them i think like seven hours now, now i need a real meal. So i hope Jodfur, Jodpur, Jodfur, Jodpur somebody tell me, i must find out how to say it properly all these names got to learn, better roll in soon because i’m getting hungry. And this i think is Jodhpur junction and my getting off point.

Oh there was a sign there, I missed it. I just smacked myself in the face with the camera. Lots of people running around out there, fairly sure.

Jodhpur! it is indeed. This is where I’m hoping off for a few days.

Hopefully, hopefully there is somebody waiting to meet me. Oh my goodness, all the people surging to get on the train, I better get my door, close to the door. Alright guys let’s go, oh how do I open this thing, there we go.

Can i just fit down the corridor, my bottom is so big in this. And i’ve got a door that opens the wrong way, oh im stuck, ok I’m through. Oh by the way this is how the toilet looks in this class.

I got to get out of this station and find my place lift but actually i’m an hour late, have no idea where i am going, they did say they were going to send someone to meet me but how they are going to find me i have no idea. I got to go up the stairs there, which seems to be done in an orderly fashion of just push your way through, yep that’s the best order here. Welcome to Jodpur, oh boy how is somebody going to find me here, the hotel kindly said they were gonna pick me up, now i’m gonna assume they’re gonna be outside the main exit.

I have no idea where it is, What I’ll do, I’m going to weave my way amongst these people, my theory is if i look like a big enough sore thumb tourist someone somewhere will pick me up. Hopefully the right person. Exit, i’ve found the exit Mr Sirimon sorry? Mr Sirimon, Simon, Simon you’re from? Jodhpur Haveli I’m your pickup.

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