Jaipur Pink City Amber Palace Fort Elephant Ride Rickshaw flat tyre in Jaipur Old City India

Welcome to India, I may have been here a week. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun, anyway let’s go and explore the pink city of Jaipur. morning, good morning Can you tell me how much a rickshaw should be to the amber fort? about thank you very much.

Have a great day. and I see rickshaw drivers already approaching number one morning How much for the amber fort? And wait? No so just there. How much? ? Noo.

Jaipur Pink City Amber Palace Fort Elephant Ride Rickshaw flat tyre in Jaipur Old City India Photo Gallery

Way too much lets find a better driver. I’ll do. come on.

Looks like we’re too fat and heavy for the rickshaw and we got a puncture rickshaw repairs in progress currently we’re in the old city where by law everything has to be painted pink all the buildings are one shade of pink and we had to make a pit stop because my rickshaw got a puncher soobviously I was too heavy maybe I ate too much breakfast anyway we’re just getting that repaired and then we’ll carry on to the amber fort. In the meantime I can harass and film passing people maybe I can take this opportunity to show you what things are this is a man pushing a cart. He’s a delivery man.

Hello how are you? Good thank you. Where are you from? England thank you that’s the friendly locals most people really friendly want to know where you come from, say hello, and off they go. unless they’re trying to tell you something and usually a tip is if they have excellent English and, you know, really engage you in conversation they want to sell you something so be warned.

Okay other thing another delivery man, he’s delivering rugs coach saying hello okay now we have coming up this is what is called an auto rickshaw this one here. And that one, That’s the one I’ve got this morning. basically a three wheeler vehicle for carrying passengers round so that’s a rickshaw or an auto rickshaw and these are your simplest cheapest way of getting a round a city point to point.

They don’t do long distance, I think you know they’ll do eight ten kilometres or across the city quite easily they can be quite bumpy now I haven’t seen any pedicabs. yet. Found a pedicab.

Now this one is loaded with goods they’re often used for cheap deliveries, but you can get rides in the back of them as well. This is a pedicab where basically the man pedaling as in pedi, a cab, bicycle with all the stuff in the back. I would not like that job especially when it gets hot And the tire is now back, all back on, and hopefully all fixed.

We’ll be on our way again. We’re at the amber fort. Now I can see it’s a long trek up and I can see people going up on elephants, which I’m not too keen on doing, but, let’s go up there.

Fell down a step. And although I’ve come here early, it’s still quote busy, and, it’s already hot. Thankfully today I remembered my hat and my sunglasses.

So I don’t need to buy one But if you forget one this guy will sell you a nice hat. How much will you sell your hats for? One thousand?! Oh my goodness. I wouldn’t pay a thousand, just for the record.

But let’s go up and see the fort without going on an elephant. Elephant. Yep you heard me correctly and you probably can’t, but you should smell me correctly, elephants.

And even if you’re on an elephant you’re not safe from being sold to. I wonder if you can uber an elephant? yes I’d like to uber an elephant to the amber palace please. Do I have to follow them? Oh no, there’s an elephant road and there’s a non elephant road guess which one I’m going to take.

As soon as the traffic clears Gives you a nice and calm and walk at my face. Lovely He’s coming faster now. Into the fort.

Composite ticket you go in here there’s a desk where you buy your ticket. And up there overlooking the courtyard there and there was built specifically so the ladies of the court could peer out into the courtyard and see what was going on without being observed like a secret peepery.

I’m not sure whether it’s hide ladies from the men or so the ladies could peep at the men without being seen peeping. So much to see here, as usual spending longer than I planned, so I’m not going to squeeze as much in a day here as I thought I was going to do. As you can see around you quite fantastic some great moments for some photographs, beautiful views out over the various places and the valley that you can see hopefully I’ll find a nice viewpoint the sunset for later in the day because above this fort I can see there’s another fort like a guard fort, so I shall be going up there for the late afternoon, check-out the light there, in the meantime let’s go and see some more of the amber fort.

There’s no real direction here it sort of bit like doors everywhere and as a door over there there’s a door there I don’t know where to go, anyway, really enjoying it wandering around, a bit busy and crowded it’s a managed to make it a. and it’s getting hot and sunny it’s a beautiful day Wow, these beautiful gardens look at that This is where the ladies used to peep into the courtyard without being seen As you can see there’s still lots of ladies here..

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