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For the main route, traverse steadily down the wider Trail 98 losing about 200 ft in elevation around the E side of Nannie Peak heading N under a huge sheer rock wall. Pass left of a small pond in a partial clearing with nice reflections and possibly some campers. Hike a couple steeper switchbacks into the woods again and continue traversing to meet the main ridge momentarily. Look SW back to Nannie Peak and Mount Adams. Hike steeply and briefly up the wide ridge section with even more wildflowers working in and the Goat Rocks coming into sight, especially Ives Peak and Gilbert Peak, then walk easier down the meadow and ridge to the bright green Sheep Lake. The astute will notice the top of Old Snowy Mountain left of Ives Peak. It’s about 2 5 mi and an hour to the lake from the Nannie Peak saddle and it’s 2 mi and 1V hours more to Cispus Pass. Hang at the lake and return the same way or continue to the goods including mountain goats at times near the pass.

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Green is the theme from Sheep Lake, a worthwhile destination for many families.

Directly above Sheep Lake you begin choking on various wildflowers such as lupine and paintbrush 5 mi N up to the PCT intersection. Fork left on the PCT a mile on an easy traverse up the left side of the ridgeline in and out of the trees with a great look at the enormous gendarme on the ridge ahead from the colorful hillside. From the next saddle on the ridge you reach Klickitat Basin and can see the remainder of the route up the right side of the ridge. The trail becomes dusty and rocky the last mile as the landscape thrills passersby every time.

You will most likely have to traverse lingering snowfields between wildflowers through August (earlier may require traction devices) and will have your best views of Ives Peak left and Gilbert Peak to the right. Between the two summits, the prominent jagged centerpiece holds such named high points as Goat Citadel, Big Horn, and Black Thumb. Big Horn is actually the second highest summit on the ridge being the pinnacle just W of Gilbert Peak and there is a lesser high point between Big Horn and Ives Peak simply called Peak 7478. E of Ives Peak is Tieton Peak, Devil’s Horn, and Bear Creek Mountain.

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