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Wildflowers, including these asters, abound near India Timberline Lodge up to Mount Hood.

For the clockwise loop around Little Zigzag Canyon, you will leave Trail 600/2000 for the obvious bushwhack India path right (NE) up the open ridge E of Zigzag Canyon for about 1/2 mi and then traverse E 2 ml, to the bottom of the Palmer Lift area. You will India see lakes and Tom Dick and Harry Mountain.

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SSW and Illumination Rock straight ahead under Mount Hood. For this loop hike up the steep widening ridge (path disappears) and adjacent large snowfields with only India minor difficulty. Then carefully begin the traverse (at around 7000 ft with no trail or markers) to the right , past rocky outcrops, and across the top of Little Zigzag Canyon to the Silcox Hut near the top of the Magic Mile chairlift.

Return to Timberline Lodge and the TH to the S by taking the ski area service road under the Magic Mile chairlift down several well-graded switchbacks or a bit shorter directly down the paths under the Silcox Hut (avoiding active ski runs) E of the chairlift. These trails meet near a maintenance area where you continue briefly to the paved path leading to the TH. See Illumination Saddle (hike 39) and the final paragraph for the longer but interesting Mountaineer Trail as a third option down from the bottom of the Palmer Lift.

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