I survived my first day in India – India Travel Varanasi and Ganges River

Good morning hmm I’m in India ha yes welcome to India day one okay let’s go get some breakfast Oh, I have a delivery, the Sunday Times make sure to kick back and read that lights off. Okay.

Oh, keycard don’t want to get locked out of me room What room am I in? I came this way and came up the lift but I don’t really trust lifts I didn’t trust that lift so as you can hear I’ll take then stairs. hmm smells good, fruit, okay, tea & coffee? white coffee thank you very much black coffee? white and it’s check-in time at the Mumbai domestic airport with Indi-go. Self-service check-in one of those machines prod all the buttons, get your thing, but then you’ve got to drop your bags off this queue could take a while no wonder they want you to get here early.

I survived my first day in India – India Travel Varanasi and Ganges River Photo Gallery

Check in complete, baggage dropped off now just gonna find my gate and maybe a cup of coffee before I fly to Varanasi sandwich? coffee? croissant? it’s gonna have to be coffee and I’m on board welcome to Varanasi thank you Okay I organized my prepaid taxi it one of these booths. rupiah to my hotel and they’ve got no change so I’ve got to pay the taxi driver and he’s gonna find change and I couldn’t get the cash machine to work either Here I am on the Ganges River the most sacred River in India one of the oldest towns or cities in India Varanasi. And behind me maybe you can’t see very clearly, are the Ghats or the steps that go down from the town into the river Ganges where people come to bathe and also if they die here they get cremated here and their ashes are scattered in the river.

So it’s not been a bad first day I woke up in Mumbai this morning after arriving late flight last night slept through the night, had my breakfast, got on a plane flew to Varanasi, it’s about two and a half three hours then get in from the airport to my hotel wash change and then took a tuk-tuk down towards the river then you have to walk the last little bit to get down to the ghats but here I am. Then I got a boat, came out onto the Ganges River now I’m enjoying the relative peace and quiet being on the river as you saw earlier in town it is crazy there is tuk-tuks, cars, cows, people, bikes, cars everywhere all blowing the horn and swerving and oh it’s crazy so it’s actually quite nice to get on the river, it’s not completely quiet, there’s still lots of other boats going up and down you can hear a lot of noise carrying across the water but it’s still very beautiful here We’re waiting for the ceremonies to begin they begin at about : p.m.

I will try and fill them out and show you if they come out well after ceremonies that happened along this river so I hope you’re enjoying day of India quite a stunning start isn’t it? Let’s hope all of India is as wonderful and amazing as this..

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