How to get to Komodo National Park Bali and see Komodo Dragons

You want to go and see the Dragons the Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park but you don’t know how to get there well some good news for you I happened to be lap around by your gateway the Komodo National Park I’m standing here I turn you around there we go there is the Komodo National Park so let me talk you through how to get here how to get out there how to see the Komodo dragons and so much more this place has to offer.

How to get to Komodo National Park Bali and see Komodo Dragons Photo Gallery

Kubota Fisher Park where the National Park is famous for its dragons but it does in fact offer a lot more than that it’s an incredible above and below water biodiversity there’s now become a national park small hidden corner of Indonesia close to Bali snorkel dive swim Island hop and of course si the Komodo dragons so what I’m going to do today is explain to you how to get here to the Komodo nation first you need to get yourself to Labuan bajo now that’s on the island of Flores which is quite a way east of Bali so you got three options from getting from Bali to lap Wapato the island of Flores which is right on the edge of the Komodo National Park first the easiest option but not necessarily cheapest is to fly there’s several daily flights from Carly den pasar Airport in Bali to level on Bajor on Flores.

I’ll put the links to the various Airlines down below in the comments so you’ve been checking out the flight prices yourself they do vary a lot also be warned flights do booked up far in advance and the further advance you booked it’s flexible your dates are but the cheaper the flights it’s a -minute flight so it’s not too long so you get up in the morning be in the Komodo park before lunchtime post there’s. My little mother what was second option is quite the opposite it’s the boat rich and it’s a slow boat trip from Bali to Labuan Bajor it’s a bit of a compromise option because it takes four days. And three nights sleeping on the boat now there are some cheaper boats and you will literally be sleeping on the deck and a roll up mattress and sharing the facilities and getting basic food and if you do go under the cheaper boat check the safety requirements there has been a few episodes in the past not recently especially in the rough time here when a lot of boats have been, particularly seaworthy please know though – but it was the big thing is it takes four days three nights to get here it doesn’t just chug along it does go round the islands it stays close to the different islands so you do get to snorkel with a few things on the way see a few sides so but in general it’s a slow boat to lab one though but it’s an option the third option if the it’s by bus or aircon coach now I know this islands but basically the boat you get on the coach in Bali.

It takes you to the port you think of a boat there either then goes across the neck silence you get back on the coach drives across the next island you can off the coach onto the ferry to the next Island so basically your little theory is between the islands and a coach across each Island until you get down to that and that’s probably the cheapest but it does take between and hours so it’s not as long as the boat it’s not as expensive as the plane it’s probably not as comfortable as either so it’s sort of compromise between the two so there’s your three ways of getting from Bali to leverage, to begin with either a currently there is no flights from Lombok to Labuan bajo a lot of people think well it’s quite close so there isn’t if you Lombok if you go to bali and then to lab when to get a flat so by one method or another you have successfully managed to arrive in lab way on Bajor from level version who you could see the Komodo National Park it, literally is right out there in front of you beautiful views over the harbor you can see the little islands you’re so close you can smell it and you can see it now how do I get myself to see all, these wonderful sites in the National Park well the good news it’s really easy in level one by yourself there is a lot of operators offering either day trips or overnight trips or diving trips island hopping trips Komodo trips into the national park so you can base yourselves or one of the hostels or hotels or smaller combinations in level.

And Biagio and literally these day trips to see what you want into the park very easy just walk down the main road from the port you’ll see all the sign boards outside with various offers of them just go in talk to the people find somebody you like and book a trip so there’s one option you can do facing yourself in lab Washoe and doing day trips the second option is to do overnight trips or liveaboards, which could be two nights three nights or four nights in the national park where you literally join a group or if you’ve got enough people you doesn’t make your own group and you go out on the boat into. The park you go round the sides and you sleep on the boat each night it’s fairly well some of them are fairly simple and basic there is some luxury more options as well depends on your budget obviously the more you pay off on the better you get you can get from basically sleeping on the deck of the boat right through to luxury air-conditioned cabins but it’s a great way to see. Komodo National Park because you sail out there you sleep in the park on the boat overnight amazing experience and of course you slowly go between all the sights so you go and see the Komodo dragons either on rinca island or komodo island either go snorkeling and try and see the mountains you go to the different islands it’s a very nice and gentle experience. So they’re well worth doing the third possibility you can do is stay in one of the accommodations or one of the lodges or hotels threats based inside or right on the edge of the national park that are not in labuanbajo now they tend to be special a lot of the dive operators are based further north in the park and you get a deal, with your accommodation your dive package your transfer your food all inclusive they pick you up from the plane take you to the bar to go out on the boat and then you spend your days diving snorkeling and enjoying right close but what to do in commode obviously you’re gonna go and see the Komodo dragons you can’t come all this way and not go and see them and there’s the two islands which have Komodo dragons on Komodo Island which is the biggest island and then there’s rinca island which is slightly smaller island next door both of them have Komodo she will both get to see.

The Komodos if you go to either of those islands so obviously you’re going to do a boat trip that does that I wouldn’t recommend going to see the Komodo it sounds great and exciting but an hour or so there and you’ve seen it the Komodos aren’t the most active creatures in the world so you’re gonna go and see Komodo do a walk see some more Komodos get some information that’s pretty much it you’ve done it you’ve seen me. Komodos so it’s not really a full day trip so I recommend combining the Komodo trip possibly with a snorkeling or an island hopping trip in one day and all the agents and operators off of them so literally Vail you’re probably go up first thing go to one of the Komodo or rinca island go and see the Komodo dragons then sail off maybe, have a spot of lunch and then go to somewhere one of the popular ones is to go and see mantas so you know to snorkel with mentors obviously it’s very hitting misses whether you see them some of them just do go to a different islands so you can see the views some of them just have snorkeling over reefs but it makes quite a pleasant day of not just going to and from to see the komodo so that’s well worth doing a little bit about that one by John Excel as yourself if your base there it’s a little town it’s got quite a smattering of accommodation and eateries the combination that does booked up in advance there’s nothing there’s no big hotels in or small hotels so I recommend if you’re staying in lab one to book ahead poke your room there’s dorm rooms in hostels and there’s hotels and there’s usually quite a buzz about the place well staying last night they should live music playing. I’ve been or would say the week comes a Tuesday night there’s always something happening well any options are places to eat it’s hot a nice Miller little town I hope this information helps you in planning your trip to go and see the Komodo dragon and to explore the Komodo National Park if if you liked it please give me a thumbs up encouraged me to be more these post so I know that you’d like them and that they’re worth doing and if you like traveling and adventure and seeing the world remember to comment traveling around the world trying to keep everything up to date with all my s as I go and all the different places comment keep up to date comment give me suggestions.

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