Today is a difficult guide. The conflict is very clear Tourists want to go to Berlin because it’s cool.Cool Berliners are like I don’t want the tourists. Get em out! We’re going to show you the things that are cool but that will probably still be cool when you get here. At least that’s our hope. Unless people that watch this from Berlin are like ewww Damon and Jo posted this? Swerve! Hit it! Here outside of a photoautomat. These things are everywhere here in Berlin. You may ask yourself why. Why do you need photo booths in the most random of places? For instance next to a travey world. Think about this for a little bit. Let that one marinate for you. It looks really sketchy but then again that’s sooo Berlin. My ear! Well, you got a big head. Ok ready? Ugh! What kind of countdown was that? Five minutes and your picture will come out. Oh my God! It sounds like a spaceship which means? It’s like gonna take off. It’s like burning.


I’m in barely any of these. What a great picture. If I cut three out of these at least you could see my whole face. This is the best picture we’ve ever taken together. Where are we at? So Berlin. I’ve been here once. This is my first time. That doesn’t mean Then this is your Ok. Berlin is all about the abandoned. It’s all about the industrial. So you’re like wait you’re actually at an airport? Yes we are at an airport but now what you see are people biking, rollerblading, and even having picnics on an airport runway. This has historical meaning. It’s not just an airport that was abandoned. Berlin was split into two. There was a communist side and a capitalist side. This was the location that was encircled by the Berlin Wall so capitalist ideology couldn’t escape. This was the airport so western influences could come here. In they closed it as they have other airports here. We made a rap for y’all. Are you ready for this? Up in Berlin feeling like I’m sinning because I’m on the west side.

Oh shit! No that’s okay because you’re a free spirit here in the capitalistic world of the. Here’s the thing with travelling with Jo.She takes her time when you got to go and then it’s like lets go and then she gets mad so you get mad because nobody’s going so you’re late Whatcha doing in here? Oh talking.Talking bad about you. Of course you are. Anyways I was just doing a little kiki. What was the kiki about? I was telling them about them that travelling with Joanna Franco means Delays. Are you ready? I’m absolutely ready. Ich bin ready. Flashfoward it’s pm we’re here at a train stop. The minute you get off the train you hear loud music and it’s like I never seen this many cool people in one place. It’s like a big break shoot. We have to get out of this area? Ok. Damn it. We were trying to be cool Berliners and do something cool and we got kicked out. We’re so cool. Rule number one of being a cool Berliner get kicked out of somewhere. Is that a new rule? I just made that up. and I have club-mate in my hand. We officially made it Jo. We got kicked out! Typically currywurst is something you would eat after clubbing. It’s like drunk food. It’s complete drunk food. It’s super cheap. I just paid a €. for this. Breakdown. What is this? After Berlin was completely destroyed so many construction workers had to come through to rebuild the city.

So this war man came up with the idea of chopping up pork sausage, mixing it up with ketchup putting curry powder on it and bam! Now it’s drunk food after you party. Nah uh. Come on. Dead serious. And to wash this down do you know what I got for you? Club-mate. It’s everywhere in Berlin. If you think somebody’s cool check in their bag they probably got one of these and now I will drink it for you. Because we need to explain the exact taste that we feel when we consume this beverage that everyone loves. They claim to say that it taste really good and addicting, that it has caffeine so they like have it instead of coffee. That’s the last thing I think of this drink. This is not alcohol by the way. Reactions. Feeling cool already? About to spit it out. Descriptions please. Don’t even sallow it. Ok you swallowed it. Menthol. Eww. It’s minty?! Wash it down with that menthol. Ew no! We’re going to go out to party and wherever we go people will think we’re Berliners because we have a bottle of club-mate. You know what we can also say? We got kicked out of a train station. Local status. Guess what?We went to a Temlehof. Guess what else? We also went to a photoautomat. People will be like. You’re not getting tired on me. It’s pm. Time for bed! Here it stands, the Berlin wall actually this is the east side gallery because now it’s a mural.

So now you’re probably like what was the wall about? seconds on the clock. Go! The skinny version is this.After World War obviously Germany was in turmoil. They decided to divide Germany into east and west and then just Berlin into east and west. They built the wall around west Berlin but still in east Germany. They were afraid that eastern Berliners were going to try and cross the boarder into west Berlin because that’s gateway to capitalism. The whole point is that it separated families. We got some west Berliners coming here. Oh my God! We got to go you guys. Anyways when you’re here we recommend We got to make this fast. Hurry! When you’re in Berlin check out the east side gallery or just the Berlin wall in general. You got to see this history because it’s here for you to see. Jo it’s getting louder. Party’s here. I want to be just like them Jo. This is Berlin. Let’s get in there Jo There’s no other way to describe it. Damon and Jo are in a field in Berlin. We are because that’s what every park looks like here. Be prepared to sit on some itchy grass. It’s itchy. This place on a Sunday though is on some next level stuff. This whole park.

I’m looking to my left there’s some huge wall of graffiti On the way here we’re walking and I’m like is that a toothpaste tube shaped like a chair. And it was! Oh my God.It’s a sandbox swing. People are painting graffiti walls legally. We don’t know if it’s legal but everyone’s doing it. Everyone’s doing it and it’s broad daylight. So that makes it right. Today we went to the post office and I asked for post cards.Mind ya business. Maybe I have post cards to send. Actually they’re to you guys. I ain’t never swing like this before. Miley Cyrus. We’re going to wrap this thing up with a berliner and we don’t mean a Berlin local. Because although that would be nice the next best option is a doughnut. This is a berliner This is not just a doughnut. You’re like Damon and Jo why are you finishing your with a doughnut? J.F.K once said “Ich bin ein berliner.” He meant to say “I am a Berlin local.” like I’m here with you guys. But what he didn’t know is that in west Germany you say berliner for a doughnut. We’re going to end it with this berliner in Berlin. It’s Damon and Jo. And we’re going to see you in the next city. NEXT! This is over and so is this guide We need you to comment below what you’ve done in Berlin and if you like what we did in Berlin comment below. Show us some love and like the too. And for all of you Berlin locals out there thank you.You’re city is great.We love it. On that note goodbye.

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