Guess what I have here? Chopsticks. Y’all throw a lot of shade on Instagram. You know we have an Instagram, @Damonandjo and recently posted a picture with Jo fingers. I was hand modeling and apparently I was doing the worst job holding chopsticks. This is Jo. You know what? This is how you It’s not my fault. Egg rolls are very heavy. Let’s just be happy she didn’t do this, everybody. So test Jo’s ability here, I have placed a few different-sized options and textures for you to try to pick up. Item one, the jade tree. Where did you get this? (clears throat) ding ding ding ding ding. Ding ding ding ding ding. Item two, the tape roll. Uh oh. Ding ding ding ding ding. Oh I see what you did there. It’s so slippery. How many seconds do I get? Wow it looks like a big fail. Item three. The slippery chili paste. Oh! I good, you good, she good, we good. I’m like, poke someone’s eye out. It’s like also flimsy. Shh, shh, shh. Like just stabs it. Oh! Last object, the pencil. OK, let’s get it to the center of the plate. Pick it up. Oh it’s bad, it’s bad everybody. This is a life lesson. Things are hard, you don’t give up. I’m don’t give up. it, I give up. Clearly, I thought I knew. I don’t. How do you use chopsticks? You do this, this is the Damon and Jo version. Hold the first one like a pencil, like you’re gonna write. Jo, you got it?


Oh I’m already on step three. Step two, place the other chopstick in between this little hole In the holey hole. and hold it with your third finger. So you’re What’s going on with this? That looks like that hurts. Do you see, it does hurt? Who’s picking up food with this? Well not you because it’s uneven. This is why I can’t use chopsticks correctly so for all those comments, you should feel bad. You made fun of somebody with a disjointed problem. You guys, this is what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take Jo to the local Korean restaurant. To embarrass me? Ma Dang Gook Soo, we’re comin’ to you right now. It’s the one, it’s the only. It’s Ma Dang Gook Soo. We’re here in Korea Town in LA. We’re about to go put my chopstick skills, or lack of, to the test. Two. Hi, for two. We’ll just eat out here. Like either my Korean got worse or her English got worse. Think it’s my Korean. So updates, here we are at the Korean restaurant where we are the only people who don’t speak Korean.

It’s quite difficult. I know how people feel now with their language barriers. I swear, we got there way before they did. Oh now Jo’s startin’ shit with this place, right? You know, my favorite place in Korean Town right now. They didn’t even know who you were. I just hope my BB Bop comes without beef. Let’s be real. Are you gonna be on your phone the whole time we eat lunch together? Yeah ’cause I don’t wanna talk to you. It’s been minutes. We’re still Oh my god! I’m sorry. You just spit on my face. That’s why we’re not allowed in there. Can’t even hold your saliva. I’m enjoyin’ myself. ‘Cause I’m with you, that’s why. That ain’t even true. Thank you. I feel at home here. We don’t know each other. You go, see ya. How are the kids? Alright. Jo says, “How do you say thank you in Korean?” and I said, “Kam-sa-ham-nida”. And she smiled at me because we all know each other. How you doin’, how are the kids? Dahm-sum? I’m not learning Korean from you. Place stick between thumb and index finger. Can I get the directions in Korean? Pencil position, through the hole, third finger. Yay, my favorite part. So good. Kam-sa-ham-nida. Mmmm. You mix. Thank you, Kam-sa-ham-nida.

Banga-langa-shlanga-danga. Your BB Bop. You have your soup, you have your kimbap, you have your green thing. Watch the professional do it. Good eating. It’s a hour thing. Your mouth is burning. You didn’t mix your BB Bop, Jo. Neither did you. I see those fingers flimsy-ing away. What aren’t you using your chopsticks for the soup? Exactly. See I’m lookin’ around and seein’ everyone using their chopsticks so effortlessly and then I’m just like, “Whoa!” Like what’s happenin’ there? What’s happening? It looks good, Jo. I’ve practiced all day long to get here. I like my kuchu a little bit spicier, Ma Dang Gook Soo, but I’ll let it pass this time. This is moving by itself. Is that what technology’s like in Korean? (Jo laughs) Not bad. How does that look? That’s not bad. The pinky for support. Not bad at all. Comment below, one to ten, what are my chopsticks skills looking like before and after the practice? Is that one of our chopsticks? My chopsticks skills are so good that one of them ended up over there. My bad. You know what, Jo came out here today wanting to learn how to use those chopsticks and I think she really pulled it off. I’m happy for you. Give thanks, thanks, thanks. Make sure to comment below, you know, what you think of Jo’s chopsticks skills or if you have any tips. Or are you terrible at chopsticks? And that’s OK if you are ’cause now we have something in common. Make sure to subscribe. And we’ll see you next time, goodbye. Bye bye. Hey, hey. Hello, what’s up I only am more What’s wore, oh I call ya My-a-from-my-ya-mi-amore Who told ya you could Oops, doe (fast mumble singing) This boy playin’ me out. That’s right, you better get in line. That’s right, you better leave my Ma Dang Gook Soo ass in line. It’s like the most innocent, elderly people. You can wait. Oh. Wah wah wah. Baby, how’s the skill? Kam-sa-ham-nida.

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