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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re in Hong Kong Hong Kong an almost perfect fusion of east. And west modern. And traditional fast. And slow it’s a global financial capital. And a cultural powerhouse there’s also my home for amazing years in fact I almost go as far to say this is my favorite city in the world. And over the next few minutes I’m going to show you why sadly the legendary Kai Tak Airport is now closed. So when l. And ing in Hong Kong you no longer scream over the rooftops of Kowloon aimed straight at a hillside before making a last-minute forty seven degree turn. And praying you don’t run out of runway actually no today it’s rather sedate but you are rewarded with an amazing Airport Hong Kong International Airport or CLK is that sometimes known is a world-class modern efficient Airport with some amazing amenities including a nine-hole golf course. And the only michelin-starred airport eatery that I’ve ever heard of off long’s delicacies which is before security. So bring your friends there’s also a great hotel attached to the airport.

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So if you have a layover even if it’s not an overnighter the Regal Airport Hotel is a fantastic place they’ve got a gym which you can use a spa with some outst. And ing treatments. And six restaurants. So if you just need a place to relax. And unwind between flights this is the place to do it okay. So you l. And ed in Hong Kong how do you get into town let’s do the cheapest fastest best the airport Express a dedicated high-speed rail link that takes you directly to chim Sato in Kowloon or central on Hong Kong Isl. And a hundred Hong Kong dollars. And only minutes again the airport Express minutes to get all the way from the airport into town on sleek modern trains you can buy your tickets right in the arrivals hall of the airport or when you get off at Hong Kong station or Kowloon station really what why are we even doing this look there’s only one good way to get from the airport into town. And that’s the airport Express taxis are expensive buses are slow one will only gate to the nearest MTR station. So just jump on the airport Express relax watch the reruns of Just for Laughs you’ll be in town in no time as soon as you l.

And in Hong Kong it’s worth getting one of these an octopus cart Hong Kong stored-value transit system not only doesn’t work on the MTR buses ferries trams light railways but also at McDonald’s eleven Starbucks vending machines even parking meters as well as other convenience stores. And shops when you get to the airport you can pick up a three day Airport Express Octopus card which will not only get you from the airport into town. And back but give you three days of unlimited travel on the MTR. And that’s just Hong Kong dogs which is actually a pretty sweet deal if you’re flying on Cathay Pacific or a h. And ful of other local airlines you can check-in. And drop your bags off up to a day before your flight without even going to the airport Hong Kong has arguably the best subway system the MTR covers most of Hong Kong Isl. And Kowloon even parts of the New Territories chief spotlessly clean. And runs with extraordinary punctuality now if you didn’t get an octopus card then I question your travel sanity but your travel choices are your own.

So weird oh but if you do need a regular MTR ticket you can get one one of those ticket machines behind me they only take cash. And your fare is determined by how far you’re going the MTR system while expensive is actually pretty easy to navigate the map is reasonably self-explanatory but what really throws people off is the sheer size of MTR stations you can me. And er out of any old exit. And be blocks away from your intended destination. So it’s a really good idea to consult one of these exit maps to see which exit corresponds with where you actually want to go. And. So you don’t end up on the wrong side of a four-lane highway or one other thing about the MTR do not eat or drink on it there’s a reason why it’s spotlessly clean. So don’t fret it up with your coffee cups. And your pixie sticks oh. And there’s a two thous. And dollar fine if you get caught taxis are everywhere in Hong Kong they’re clean efficient. And pretty cheap compared to a lot of other big cities but here’s something unique about Hong Kong taxis they’re color-coded depending on the region they serve you’re most likely to see red taxis they’re the most prevalent but blue taxis are limited to lantau isl.

And in the airport. And green taxis are limited to the New Territories this will only really be a problem at the airport when you have to pick which taxi line to go into when in doubt use a red taxi it’s a few things to remember about riding in a taxi in Hong Kong you are required by law to wear your seat belt. So buckle up some taxis take Octopus cards. And credit cards. So look for this sticker on the outside before you get in to figure out if yours does.

And if you go from Hong Kong Isl. And to Kowloon side or vice versa the return toll will be included in your fare. So don’t be surprised by that you can hail a taxi the old-fashioned way grab one at a taxi rank or actually even hail one with uber which also has a big presence here but frankly in this city of taxi ubiquity if you can’t find one the old-fashioned way I questioned your place in modern society MTR in taxis will zip you around Hong Kong a quickly.

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