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If you have a moment jump on the Star Ferry even if you have no reason to cross the harbour it’s only US cents for the minute crossing. And you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Hong Kong. And maybe more importantly a moment to just sit back. And really appreciate this wonderful city. So I’m staying at the hotel icon in chimes ah choy which is a great hotel in a great location. And one of the things that makes it a great hotel is this this is a smart phone that comes with your room which is cool. And of itself but you also get unlimited data roaming. So you can go out into the city you got maps you’ve got where to eat which will tell you later but you also get free local.

And international calls to countries unlimited now I don’t know about you guys but I have never seen anything like that. So this is one of the coolest hotel features that I’ve ever seen this is it people we are in the single greatest food city on the planet don’t agree with me brace yourselves we are going to go on a culinary adventure that is going to settle this once. And for all quick reg to the nearest McDonald’s yes we are going to McDonald’s want to know why Hong Kong has the cheapest McDonald’s in the world. And they deliver. And they serve breakfast all day this is a civilized City that doesn’t put constrictions on my breakfast s. And wiches now you tell me this is in the greatest food city of the world.

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So the last time I got really bad food poisoning was in McDonald’s in Hong Kong about years ago. And it was eating one of these massages McMuffin with egg I laugh at your food poisoning as you guys know everywhere in the world that we visit we try something new at McDonald’s you have to see what Gregg guy I got a Egg McMuffin because it’s breakfast time. And it’s two o’clock in the afternoon look what Gregg got this is the black burger. And it literally is what alright alright I’m gonna try it – oh there’s bacon oh my god I don’t even describe that other than black but black isn’t a flavor it’s not bad oh yeah we can’t just st. And around extolling the virtues of McDonald’s while we’re in the world greatest food city let’s eat eating out is part of Hong Kong life there are restaurants food stalls markets. And snack shacks all over the place twenty-four thous.

And to be precise let’s go find some great Hong Kong food ask me where the cheapest michelin-starred restaurant in the world is Gregg ask me when it’s right here in Central Hong Kong Tim ho Wan is literally the cheapest michelin-starred restaurant in the world now as you can see crazy busy. And it’s o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. So be prepared to wait but I promise you the weight is worth it now if you’re gonna order anything make sure it’s the barbecued pork buns they are famous for them. And I cannot tell you how amazing they are everything there is good obviously it has a Michelin star but the buns now I asked our friends over on the Hong Kong subreddit of red accom what they would recommend that we absolutely not miss to eat while we’re here number one answer pineapple buns now embarassingly despite being honorary locals neither greg nor i i’ve tried these.

And we’re about to fix that right now we’ve jumped in from a rainstorm into a bakery here in Wan Chai. And I’m told that these are supposed to have a there’s a pineapple bun a stick of butter. And look at that beautiful let’s try this oh my god Wow okay reddit you were right again this is amazing. So as you can see this food segment is a little longer than the ones we’ve done in the past but Greg. And I are pushing through the meat sweats because the city has such a strong food culture. And. So many great things to eat that it would be an injustice for us not to work through the searing chest pain that I’ve experienced. And crack on.

And show you everything that this amazing city has to offer. So let’s go check out what to eat in Hong Kong Greggy okay buddy you need a minute all right work through it work through you like grocery of course either nobody ridiculous allow me to present to you the single greatest collection of roast meats in the entire world we’re joining in Wan Chai home of another Michelin star restaurant who does an evolutional star won’t come I would strongly recommend either the HRC the roast pork the roast goose or women or all of it just get all of it let them let them bring you a plate of food. And it will blow your mind while we’re talking about food it’s worth mentioning a few eating etiquette accelerator like most of Asia chopsticks of the go-to utensil no one’s going to laugh at your chopstick skills but it’s not cool to put your chopsticks vertically in a bowl of rice it’s reminiscent of the incense used at funerals it has connotations of death.

So awkward also don’t use sharp sticks to move non-food items around the table bowls plates from small children in that type of thing Hong Kong uses the Hong Kong dollar which is pegged to the u.s. dollar more on that in a second now there are a hundred cents in the dollar but you’re rarely going to see anything smaller than a one dollar coin cents at a stretch in fact its coins all the way up to ten dollars where these notes take over as I mentioned earlier the Hong Kong dollar is on a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. So that means ten Hong Kong dollars will always be a dollar twenty nine u.s. Hong Kong is often considered one of the most expensive cities on the planet. And there are parts that are excruciatingly ly pricey don’t even think about buying property here that said there are parts that are relatively cheap especially if you know where to look let’s do the rundown cup of coffee er cost around $ fine a beer will cost you around $. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac that’ll cost you dollars. And cents.

And that my friends is the cheapest in the world. So you know how I always rib my American friends for their lack of chip-. And -pin credit cards I have good news it won’t make a lick of difference here in Hong Kong because they don’t use the chip. And pin system for credit card transactions for anything over $ you’ll be asked to sign the back. And form just like in olden times. And they will compare the signature on the back of your card to what you write on the piece of paper they won’t ask for your ID but despite that hoopla credit cards are widely accepted here but it is always a good idea to have a little bit of cash on you in case you stumble across the bargain of the century at one of the many many many outdoor markets here ah tipping our favourite subject there we open this disgusting can of worms again yes because we have to but the good news is tipping in Hong Kong is actually pretty rare visitors aren’t expected to do it even in restaurants it’s rare.

And in those few cases where it does happen at % charge is automatically added to your bill in taxis just round up to the nearest dollar in hotels like this room service ten or twenty dollars porter service ten or twenty dollars that’s it see if we work together we can get through anything one more thing to remember. And I get asked this a lot when you’re paying for something with your credit card you’ll be h. And ed to terminal. And you’ll see an option to pay in Hong Kong dollars or your local currency always choose Hong Kong dollars because then you’ll get a rate that’s negotiated by these. And MasterCard through their network if you choose your own currency expect to pay three to four percent more on top of your local cards issuing fees that is what we call approach that people write it down Hong Kong has some of the best shopping in the world.

So if you have an hour or two. And you need to smash through that shopping this you’ve come to the right place from open-air markets to luxury boutiques from br. And -new Ferraris to secondh. And sex toys Hong Kong has you covered. And I’m not gonna tell you where to get your secondh. And sex toys because I’m sure you have a favorite spot but here are a few things you need to know about shopping in Hong Kong shops tend to open a little later here around a.m. but they also stay open later at night sometimes p.m. or as late as midnight Hong Kong has some of the highest commercial rent in the world. So you’re actually less likely to find bargains in the ground floor stores because they have to cover crazy high rent. So if you want those deals look up.

So that’s the attache guide to Hong Kong we’re about to leave which I’m very sad about but if you’ve been here before. And you think we’ve missed something or you’re living in this wonderful city. And think there’s something that every visitor needs to know then don’t forget to leave it in the comments below ask for me I’m gonna get my pre-flight G&T. And until next time take care you got it alright next shot Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name’s Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we find ourselves in Hong Kong did that look real are you good maybe we need to shoot the whole episode in the hotel.

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