Himalayan Mountains Nepal Madhu from Himalayan Sewa Expedition Trekking explains our Hiking Route

Hey, good morning I forgot to show you my room last night because I had a bed partner, I couldn’t really film while he was there. So sharing the room tonight, with a nice guy from the Basque Country in Spain called, Mano. And, again simple but clean rooms, beds are getting a bit smaller and a bit firmer, but still slept okay.

Himalayan Mountains Nepal Madhu from Himalayan Sewa Expedition Trekking explains our Hiking Route Photo Gallery

I do have a problem though, I’ve been locked in my room. Because the door, you know has like a slide bolt on the outside and on the inside as well so it’s like little latch thing here, you do it on the inside, stops the door opening. It’s got one on the outside, now Mano went out to get his breakfast before me and to stop the door swinging open, he slid it across but now I’m inside and I can’t get out.

Here is the bathroom, there is a long drop toilet, so there is no paper, you squat over the toilet and then you wash, with a tap. And if you have any paper or anything that you’ve brought yourself, you put it in a little bin provided. Simple, effective, that’s all you’re gonna get and a view out the window.

And a good morning to you and for me a chilly good morning from the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal. Day, I think day five of hiking you know how good I am at keeping track of days, I don’t wear a watch, rarely use my phone but I do you know roughly where I am? Morning, hey, look at you. I really had a good night’s sleep last night, but it’s brisk and cold this morning double layers, gloves, hat and I think the camera has decided to ignore me, hey camera I’m over here.

Camera is busy looking around like you guys, hey what’s the scenery? you don’t want to look at me, do you? you want to look what’s going around there? But yes it’s brisk, it wasn’t freezing this morning, it was actually warmer last night but actually as the sun rises the wind is picking up a bit, the cold wind coming off the snow off the mountains. It’s gonna be layer time, I’m already in two layers but still short sleeves, back in the trousers again, shorts got abandoned, they were good yesterday but now especially we’re getting a high elevation shorts have been packed away. But, the sun isn’t even in this valley yet, it’s how deep some of these mountains surrounding are so high you can see the sun on the mountain tops, but no sun on me here yet.

So, gloves to keep my fingers warm double layers, good breakfast this morning, omelette, pancakes, tea, you know the usual, sitting a bit heavy at the moment but first part of the hike always does a little bit and as usual because of me taking photographs and oops, I want to watch the sunrise taking lots of pictures and posts so you guys can see what it’s like, we’re the last group to leave pretty much, but it’s okay. We set a good pace, because there is only the guide and I in the group, he is a good guide. We usually catch up and overtake most of the people before the end of the day but despite my best attempts, to take lots of breaks and lots of posts on the way.

Okay, oh, we’re already catching the first group so, I’m gonna be going up now for a little bit, so I’ll pack you away, because batteries are also going to become a problem, both in this cold and in recharge. I got one battery recharged last night, so I’m down to three batteries and I’ve got tonight, solar power again, so will charge one, next day is our tough day up to ABC. I really want to save a battery to show you guys then so talk to you in my next break stop.

And we’ve now arrived at Dovan, that’s good, probably stop for a cup of tea here. Look at how clear that mountain is, towering above us here. Just, a few more steps up, to Dovan and a tea break, but how about that? how clear and beautiful is that? just going to stop and take a picture, apologies.

Okay, here again, we’re at Dovan. Tea houses, maps, water, places to put your backpack down to rest and tea and snacks if you want. Here we are, and in the sun, in the sun, the mountain towering above us okay, let us go get me a cup of tea.

My guide please introduce yourself, your name is Madhu Madhu Himalayan Sewa Expedition Which one? Himalayan Sewa Expedition Himalayan Sewa Sewa Expedition Expedition and Trekking and Trekking there you go and he’s about to walk me through where we went, it is a small map is not in the scale, but it is the small map around this area. So we started our trip, our journey from Pokhara, somewhere there, we drove to Nayapul. bu road near Nayapul, we started to walk from here, we trekked to Hille, Tikhedhunga first day, next day we climbed we spent the night at Tikhedhunga, Tikhedhunga, Tikhedhunga, ok.

And how long did that take us? so we took this like, three and a half four hour approximately, walking distance and then next day we climb up four thousand stairs to Ulleri above that was hard work, yeah, and then we went to Ghorepani on the way which is very beautiful two thousand, eight hundred, fifty metre it says, seventy four actual. And next morning we went to Poonhill, you know the most gorgeous view, that was beautiful remember the sunrise at Poonhill that was, it was painful getting up we got up at a.m.

, so you have to get up at like, an hour and half two hours before sunrise? One hour before sunrise, one hour, before sunrise. Then we go up, up, up, up I don’t know how many steps it was about million steps, at least, but it was beautiful to watch the sunrise, it was cold up there, but we went up to Poonhill. We came, here for our breakfast and back down for breakfast yeah, and then we had a late start because I’m always making us late.

And we trekked as high as Poonhill nearly, and then up and then going down to Banthanti highlands, we spent a night at, Chhule here which is quite low again at two thousand and was nice and warm. Yeah nice and warm, and then through Gurajun we came Chomrong here yesterday, for lunch, that was a, this is a, so hang on where were we last night, no night before? Chhule ok, then we went through, so how long was that hike? it was a long hike, it’s about three and a half hour, three and a half hour for lunch, okay. And then we trekked to Sinuwa, Sinuwa and we started to go uphill again that got tough in the afternoon, we went from under two thousand metres to two thousand, three hundred and forty is that correct? And then we had to walk all the way down to the river which is about half an hour or more, why they can’t put zip lines in, I have no idea, all this going up and down, it would be much quicker if you could just go across, yeah.

But apparently it’ll spoil the environment so no, not this year, don’t hold your breath. We were at Sinuwa last night, now we are here, Dovan, Dovan. We went past the Bamboo through that beautiful forest and through some of the waterfalls that was really nice, the trekking hasn’t been too tough this morning compared to some others yet, but I’m looking at the map and we go from this to Dovan and then it goes to two thousand, eight hundred yeah, so I’m guessing the next part is not so easy? Yeah, yeah, so we’re going to spend our night at Duerali, Duerali which is at three thousand, two hundred metres.

Okay, so we’re gonna do some, okay, beautiful place time for some tea, and then we’re gonna have a rest, is there anybody, any massage here? No massage here?, no massage here we have to wait till the next, there’s a spa center here? Pokhara, Pokhara?! that’s in three days, four days, four days, oh I’m not gonna make that. Anyway thank you very much for keeping us safe on the hike, we had some great food, been looked after very well, I can highly recommend him, he is a good guide. Thank you very much, He even carries some of your stuff, if you’re nice to him.

I’m taking a break, it’s been a particularly tough stretch, rock, mist, clouds, cold. These guys make it look easy..

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