Himalaya Trek in the Annapurna Mountains Nepal Trekking to ABC Annapurna Base Camp

Now I’ve come to a holy temple and also this is dedicated to, one of the mountains Annapurna Fang. So you’re not supposed to bring any meat products beyond this point. And we’re moving on to some tough stuff now, uphill, with water running under our feet and rocks, strewn around, slippery wet, uneven and uphill.

Himalaya Trek in the Annapurna Mountains Nepal Trekking to ABC Annapurna Base Camp Photo Gallery

Quite beautiful, like a picture postcard, but when you’re trying to hike up it, quite tricky on the feet. Okay, trying not to get my feet too wet either, I’ve already managed to get both my feet wet. Beautiful look, oops, here we go.

Now let’s cross here, sorry about the wobbliness, here’s another view of the waterfall to make up for the wobbliness. And still more uphill-ness, let’s go. Across the streams, through the boulders and through this beautiful forest, look at that, isn’t that beautiful? Well the sun has just gone in, it gets chilly, sun comes out, we’re hot and sweaty, sun goes in, it gets a little chilly.

Let’s make our way through here, across another stream, oops, bridge time. I don’t mind these bridges when they’re over like, little, you know, little drops. They’re still not the most solid bridges in the world, but they’re nice.

And made it to Himalaya, slowly and surely, across the rivers, here we are, at Himalaya and my lunch stop. Wow look at that, spaghetti and an empty hall, that’s what I like. Cheese spaghetti, steaming.

It’s after lunch, had a big pile of spaghetti and cheese and then because of that, I don’t know if you can make it out but that’s a cloud, a big cloud everywhere, no more sun. Cloud all around us, we had to do a hurry up call and get going, because the weather is possibly, turning. See I’m now hiking in gloves, hat, long sleeves, long trousers, and it’s steep, steep up, so partly to fill you in, partly to have a rest and show you that beautiful waterfall, I’m taking a break, I would like to be halfway up this slope, but I don’t think I’m even a quarter the way, but yes hiking just after a big pile of spaghetti.

Okay, we can make it before the snow comes, I hope. This weather is really strange, clouds up there, there’s possibility of snow, sunshine in the middle, clouds down below us as well, sun shining between the cloud layers where I am. Thankfully, hope it will stay that way, while I’m heading up, there, into the clouds.

So, if I’m very lucky and I keep moving, I can try and stay between these cloud layers to keep myself dry, because it’s cold and I really don’t want to get wet. Good news, that’s where I’m heading folks, a lot of uphill, clouds are just holding on, above so hopefully I get there dry. Little bit of down, still a lot of up to go, but I want, is that sunshine to come to us, come on sunshine, come on, come on just up the valley.

Ooh, nice landslide, water slide, territory here, you’ve got to cross it, now that’s hard, making my up to that blue roof at the top, if you can see it there in the cloud) how encouraging does that look? wish me luck. Okay, down we go, moving across this land-slip, river, tumble, rocky, muddy, patch. Okay, rock, rock, rock okay I ran out of rock, now I’m on to mud.

This guy is going first, this is gooey and that water looks cold, slipped there, off he goes. Okay, bridge is clear they have made it across, it’s my turn to go now if there’s a sudden splosh you know me and the camera have gone for a swim. yep, I think we are crossing that, oh boy, oops sorry about my finger.

That’s upstream, that’s downstream okay lets get going nice and slowly, okay I’ve made it across, around this rock, up the next muddy slope, here we go. Okay, made it, well that gets your blood pumping, even in the cold. Let’s see those people crossing from here, here you go, I’ll zoom in a little bit, so you can see, there you go, oh thank goodness it’s not snowing or raining yet, yet, come on we gotta hurry up.

And, we’ve made it to, Duerali, at three thousand, two hundred metres and although we’re just in the cloud, it hasn’t snowed and it hasn’t it rained and I’m still vaguely dry. Here we are, everybody looking suitably cold, because it is cold here. All the rooms when you get further up, will look pretty much like this.

Nobody’s sleeping yet, so as many beds as can be crammed in as possible, one, two, three, four, five six, seven, eight, nine in this room, just hope nobody snores..

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