Hiking in the Mountains of Nepal Trekking in the Himalayas Annapurna Trekking

I’m still here and I’m still alive and I’m aching a little bit. I have also just eaten a whole, this size pizza I’ll show you a picture of it for my lunch, along with some tea.

And now I really do not feel motivated to go hiking, trekking, but I’ve got four hours before we get to this evening’s destination, so I’m hoping fingers crossed that I’ve got at least fifteen, twenty minutes rest time now, where I can digest my pizza a little bit before I trek it off going around the mountain. What a spectacular view hey, there’s one of the big peaks of the Annapurna range, eight thousand four hundred and something metres. There’s another one over this side as well, maybe you can’t see but it’s been beautiful trekking, it’s still hard, it’s, the trekking is getting, in some ways it gets easier every day because you get into the rhythm of it but some of the actual trekking conditions get harder and your muscles, just working a little bit harder each day so you gotta make sure you get your meals in, get plenty energy for your body so the muscles can grow and plenty rest in the evening and that’s not a problem.

Hiking in the Mountains of Nepal Trekking in the Himalayas Annapurna Trekking Photo Gallery

It gets dark often the power goes out, it’s cold, it’s dark what you do? you go to bed, rest, get up, go trekking the next day in the beautiful, Nepal mountains. And, they are beautiful as you gaze around you do have to be reasonably fit to keep going, where I am at the moment is a sort of a point on the circuit where, a lot of people do turn back and you can go down the valley quite easily, you can walk from here to an hour in one direction and get a jeep journey home. So it is a sort of turning point at this point, oh the sun is gone, can save my face a little bit and I think I’ve been catching the sun today so must put sun cream on, what was I talking about? yes, so but we’re strong, we’re going on so behind you, where you are is the valley I came up off this side and the other valley to go down on that side but I’m heading that way, I think I’m heading that way yeah, we’re gonna go down, down that way now around the edge of that mountain and through that valley, over on that side.

Following the river, I think up, up, up, up. More to walk around, around and more toward Annapurna. It’s spectacular but it’s now getting to the stage, I’ve still got enough energy, when I stop and break and rest for a while, I’m fine but on the treks it is starting to get where you have to use your minds to keep your legs moving but I’m still loving it and the scenery is just indescribable.

I mean I’ll try and show you, how wonderful it is on the post but there is just so many elements to it, I mean the air is so fresh I mean the scenery, is just so vast and uninhabited, it’s so big. It’s really difficult for me to really show it to you on the post, I’ll try my best and if you ever get the opportunity get yourself mildly fit, come here and have a look because yeah it’s an experience. And it’s not one that everybody does, you know it’s not your typical go on holiday experience.

You’re gonna work hard but you’re gonna be rewarded with, an outstanding beauty and hopefully the fitter and healthier for it in the afterwards, let’s hope so. Okay, I’m gonna see if I get a ten minute power nap in or just maybe just lol here in the sun and absorb this view before I have to shoulder that backpack again, put on my shoes because yep, I don’t know if you can see, everybody’s wandering around, first thing people do when they go for lunch is take their shoes off, let the feet breathe, go and have lunch chill a bit. Wow but I’m gonna have to soon put my shoes on again shoulder that pack and get hiking for another four hours, oh see you on the way.

Hey come down now won’t you? there you go, can we have a lift? Good boy, there you go, that looks like hard work hey. Okay we’re nearly there, that is where we’re heading, all I’ve got to do is get up there, which entails, walking up another long path. I could do it though, I can do it.

The clouds are closing in so, I’m not sure what I’m gonna get for sunset or some of the mountains, oh well just gotta keep going. Oh and we have made it by Simuwa, to Sinuwa, I hope you can see that sign, there you go, we’re in Sinuwa, all I gotta do are these final few steps, we can do it. Haha.

Here’s the end of another day’s hike, still going strong, still made it, still have no blisters, legs are still, tight but still working and get another beautiful location, we’ve got Sinuwa, I think it is the name of the place we are. In my evening wear, it’s not too cold yet, I can feel that coldness creeping in, it’s always important though for a day’s hike, when you’ve been sweating, get rid of all that stuff have a shower, put some fresh stuff off in the evening, put your hiking stuff out to dry for the night. and I’ve got this, this is where I’m heading off tomorrow, down this way, to a place called bamboo, I think for the bamboo forest, this evening I can look through this gorge and I don’t know if you can see on the post but just peeping out there is one of the peaks, and I’m hoping another peak is gonna come through.

So I’m just gonna look for a location now, just to have a nice time-lapse for sunset this evening. I hope it’s good and if it is I’ll be showing it to you and I hope you love it. Thank you, for joining me anyway, my commentr-ship keeps going up, it’s really great to have so many of you guys along joining me.

It’s really wonderful and I hope that we continue to enjoy loads of adventures together, now tea, sunset, food, bed. And more trekking tomorrow, oh..

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