Hiking Annapurna Nepal Donkeys on Suspension Bridge Overnight Trekking Accommodation Tea House

I’m coming back for you, let’s do this together, come on, stop resting let’s get going.

Do I have to carry you? Come on then. And it’s that time, it’s lunch time and I’m hungry and there’s lots of little eateries along this road in different patches, so you can take a choice sort of be flexible in your eating times But I’m eating here, Amrita-Lodge. So okay, what’s our options? Soup, we need more than soup, we need more than cereal, dessert, potato, they got pizza, look.

Hiking Annapurna Nepal Donkeys on Suspension Bridge Overnight Trekking Accommodation Tea House Photo Gallery

I don’t think pizza here though, spring rolls, what about spaghetti? Yeah, yeah I’ll go for tomato cheese spaghetti, okay, sounds good and a pot of mint tea. Mint tea? mint tea yea. Thank you very much.

Okay, no idea what time it is no watch, no phone nothing but I’m hungry, so it’s lunch time. Cheers. Thank you very much.

Tomato spaghetti and cheese, yeah. Okay, so we can see what Daal Bhat is yeah, so its rice, boiled rice, boiled rice, lentil soup, lentil soup, spinach, spinach some gourn vegetables, beans and pickles, dead leaves yeah pickle, pickle and then dead fish, dried fish, dead fish. They look like leaves some from that tree there, they just pick the leaves and put them on there for you no, oh they put them on the path first and walk on them to give them flavor, so this is bitter gourd, bitter gourd? Gourd, oh gourd that’s like squash, yeah, yeah.

Bon Appetit. So after enjoying a delicious and well needed lunch after my first extensive hike it was time to, kick back, rest a little, absorb the beautiful views, rest my feet, before shouldering the wet backpack again, wet my shirt, it was wet and getting on with the hike so we can arrive nice and early for our night time accommodation. Hello chickens how are we doing? Okay, getting some serious step master action here, been climbing quite steeply for the last minutes and now we’ve come to a set of steps which er, seem to end just up here, just about there, well at least I hope it is just up there.

This is one of the places on the way, where you can stay if you like. We’re getting further on it. Okay nice view, ‘Welcome to See You Lodge with Wi-Fi service and cafes and restaurants, places to eat, water, you can fill up your water bottle and put purifying tablets in and beautiful views, but no time for stopping, we’re heading through this village on to the next one.

Here is my room, here we go. Bed. Welcome home back pack, here we go, simple, clean and quiet.

One day’s trekking, under our belt, we made it. Okay there goes my guide, we found our accommodation or tea house for the evening, it’s very nice. I survived.

There we go, first days trekking wasn’t too bad it was a bit testing in times, but it was really nice to arrive wherever I am now [tikhe dhunga view point] and walk over these suspension bridges over the river. So sorry if it’s a bit noisy, there’s a lot of water, there’s a waterfall down there, over there really beautiful let me show you. Hello.

Yep and down on this side, down in the valley exactly like a karaoke music bar on there how about that? All right yes, sorry if you can’t hear me very clearly but I survived day one of actual trekking so victory I don’t feel too bad but my feet feel it, my calfs, they know they’re being tested, but very nice and earlier I think we arrived at our accomodation at four o’clock in the afternoon. That’s not too bad, that means we’re gonna stroll around the village without a backpack, which is rather novel and pleasant and you know and the sun has already gone off the valley because of the big hills around us but big hills up there, all around we’re just in a valley big hills everywhere. It’s just about, just after four no sun in the valley, the temperature is dropping so it’s time to, go back to my tea house, get on some long sleeves, get out the hat, maybe have another pot of tea, I had at lunchtime, yeah I’m a tea drinker, okay.

I like tea. In the meantime, I think I really should get off this wobbly bridges, I know there’s gonna be plenty of them but it’s like bits of wire stretched over a long drop down. So let’s get off this before the next load of donkeys come along, last time I was walking across the bridge I was about to do this spiel, I was about to chat to you guys when suddenly these donkeys came charging towards me across the bridge.

Have a look at this, this is me retreating for a bunch of donkeys, yep, and you can see they’re all laden with gas bottles because that is how the showers are heated up here. That’s why often you have to pay for a gas shower, because the gas bottles have to be lugged up here by donkeys to give you guys a hot shower, which I think I could do with now. Chicken Momo, that’s for me.I’ve come for my momo.

Oh, sorry. Oh look at that. Mountain steamed momo.

It is biggest mountain. Mmm plenty of them. We’ll put some in our pocket for tomorrow.

How many?, oh my goodness. Beautiful look at that, steaming hot momo. Let me know, you have as well, pleasure.

Take care. Hello, Hey what’s your blog name? Travel with Simon, travel with Simon okay, nice and easy okay I will comment you, excellent I look forward to hearing from you. I survived my first day, I’ve still got some energy left, not much but some.

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