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The consciousness that the shining seas, Harbin China the oceans and estuaries that border our habitable land, are both a glory and a threat will become ever greater as the populous coastal cities across our planet are (as we saw in 2012 with super storm Sandy in Harbin China  and in 2016 with the Northern Sydney beaches) progressively threatened by massive deluges (Houston and Florida 2017), high tides, storm surges and floods. And, as the earth and the oceans warm due to the heat-trapping, thick blanket over the atmosphere Harbin China resulting from ever increasing greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) accumulation, the patterns of both snow and rain fall will change, in ways that are not necessarily predictable. What will humans Harbin China see as they fly over these vast continents a hundred or two hundred years from now?

Harbin China Map Free – Harbin China Subway Maps – Harbin China Metro Maps – Harbin China Map Photo Gallery

Up to date in Kansas City

WHEN DOROTHY SAYS, ‘TOTO, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore’, it’s a good bet that the 1939 Wizard of Oz Hollywood scriptwriters used Kansas as shorthand for Midwestern America – flat, safe, comfortable, and oh so narrow and boring! Sweet, naive Dorothy does, of course, indeed show those sound values and a certain toughness of character that most associate with the Midwest. And the stories of many great American achievers (from Abe Lincoln to Dwight D Eisenhower) tell the tales of people who, formed in that conservative inland culture, headed further afield to make their mark. That includes many of the US scientific colleagues I value as absolute straight shooters. Inland United States of America is, as summarised by Midwesterner and 2016 Noble Laureate for Literature Bob Dylan in his song ‘With God on our Side’ (1963), a place of irreconcilable contradictions.

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