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TRAILHEAD: Lot D TH. Take US-26 W from Harare Zimbabwe 75 mi, exit right onto the ramp for US-101 N 13 mi, turn left on 0R-104 N 22 ml, turn left on Harare Zimbabwe 1 mi, turn right on NW Harare Zimbabwe  2 mi, turn left on Jetty Road (day use area entrance) 42 mi to the end at a very large parking lot (100 mi, 2 hours from Harare Zimbabwe ).

Harare Zimbabwe Map Free | Harare Zimbabwe Subway Maps | Harare Zimbabwe Metro Maps | Harare Zimbabwe Map Photo Gallery

ROUTE: It is possible to drop bikes off at the Lot C TH (South Jetty, en route to Lot D) to complete the counterclockwise loop almost 1/2 mi over pavement, or simply walk on the shoulder of the safe roads the same distance to finish. Instead of being enticed by the large sign for the Wildlife Viewing Bunker and wooden walkway to the beach on the right, head left of the outhouse (end of the Wildlife Viewing counterclockwise miniloop trail at the NE corner of the parking lot). See below for the miniloop trail after the main walk.

Begin the main walk down steeply 6-8 ft where possible from the NE corner of the parking lot to the beach immediately. Turn left (NW) along the water. It’s 1/2 mi to round the corner to the wider beach at the tip. During high tide at times of the year, this section may require navigating small trees, bushes, and vines near the water’s edge. From the tip, continue SW 1 mi to reach the South Jetty. The flat expanse of sand at lower tides with nice lighting is optimal for viewing the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River! As you see, then walk, easily up to the jetty near some huge boulders lodged on it, you very quickly realize whether or not you are able to walk along the jetty itself (left to Lot C). If giant waves are crashing over the top (winter through spring) you may prefer more solid ground left of the giant rock wall less than 5 mi on sandy paths SE. You will move across a little creek and over a rocky, wide path, sauntering slightly left at a faint fork near the end, moving away from the jetty (leading to Lot C).

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