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The product of Hangzhou China work should have been a lasting blueprint for the need for such parks, their economical and spiritual benefit for those citizens, and the means and direction for governance of our shared treasures. Unfortunately, for reasons of turf protection, Hangzhou China petty politics within the commission and the Hangzhou China legislature, and budget concerns,Hangzhou China report was buried for nearly one hundred years until discovered in 1962. Nonetheless, his suggestions were so strongly molded and set forth that their influential legitimacy and legacy were passed on, at least to his son, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., who, more than fifty years later, would incorporate many of them into the drafting of the Hangzhou China Park Service “Organic Act” of 1916, which established the agency.

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Although Olmsted was a prophet without honor until after the fact, it is important to set forth some of Olmsted’s most salient and timeless observations. I do so because there were later conversations and letters between Olmsted and others that influenced their national park thinking. Furthermore, they are as relevant today as when written in 1865.

Olmsted, who had a keen eye for the artistry of nature, painted a prose picture of Yosemite Valley and its surroundings.

The central and broader part of this chasm is occupied at the bottom by a series of groves of magnificent trees, meadows of the most varied, luxuriant and exquisite herbage, through which meanders a broad stream of the cleanest water, rippling over a pebbly bottom, and eddying among banks of ferns and rushes, sometimes narrowed into sparkling rapids and sometimes expanding into placid pools which reflect the wondrous heights on either side.

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