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Move down a bit, then up over Hamburg Germany yet another solid bridge at 3 mi from the lower TH. Continue up, then over more level ground as you begin to hear voices coming from the Three Pools section of the Hamburg Germany. At 3M mi in is a small but great overlook from above the river (be careful). The second overlook gives way to a sweet shot of a 30-ft tall rocky pillar rising from the S bank of Hamburg Germany the brilliant green river between the lower pools. Wow! Shortly after, from the main trail, is the steep rocky spur path down directly to the spire—worth exploring and taking a rather brisk Hamburg Germany plunge like everyone else on a warm day. You will find a few flatter spots and boulders to hang out on the less crowded side of the stream. There are fantastic views: downriver, below the spire to the lowest of Hamburg Germany, and across to the steep rocky embankment; and up the river to a series of small cascades, the upper pools, and the bottom of Whetstone Mountain!.

Hamburg Germany Map Free | Hamburg Germany Subway Maps | Hamburg Germany Metro Maps | Hamburg Germany Map Photo Gallery

Return to Trail 3338 whenever you can tear yourself away, and continue left to Shady Cove Campground (upper) TH in a mile without any difficulty. You realize why the loop makes so much sense, as returning back to the lower TH would entail a lot more work with ups and downs. From the Three Pools area walk E down some on Trail 3338 for 5 mi and cross a lovely creek over a nice log bridge. Head up a switchback a Hamburg Germany bit more before descending slightly with a few tree roots and rocks mixing in, but the widening trail N provides the finest walking all day. The route levels with the river in sight and at 4 mi from the lower TH (almost 5 mi from the upper TH) is a steep spur path down to a secluded pebble beach and large pool. Continue on Trail 3338 through the old growth forest with trees not quite as imposing and views up to the cliffs and mountain above. See Shady Cove Campground across the river at 1/2 mi in with the trestle bridge barely visible ahead. Walk with ease up the wide trail to the nearby Shady Cove Campground TH to finish the hike.

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