We’ve been in London We’ve been in London for a good week now We haven’t filmed much Excuse us, excuse the sickness We just didn’t film because we feel like we live here. Because honestly, don’t you feel like you live here? I do live here Don’t we sound like we live here screaming in the middle of this like a very normal street with a camera? American accents What are we about to film today? Stop, stop Okay, so we clearly feel like locals here, we don’t wanna leave London but what we do wanna do right now is go explore a British grocery store. Okay, so Damon’s pretty sick which means we have to pick up some strepsils! S Okay If you don’t know about Europe’s best kept secret everybody, it’s strepsils. What is that? I always get strepsils when I travel, why? And I always lose my voice, why? I don’t shut up and you d you.


They have this little like drug here, I guess you could say. They have some but like the good kind you know what drugs are for your like you know what if you like drugs it doesn’t matter. We’re in England, these words are normal. Okay Drugs! Medicine! They have a good medicine here for your throat called strepsils I wanna go find some of that but I also wanna go find some like interesting British foods Yes, so today we’re going explore a local British grocery store because you know that’s the only way we get by with these expensive prices here in London So, are you ready to go? I’m ready Mr. Throat Boy? Let’s do it! Okay, so we’ve been shopping for five minutes You’ll never believe what we’ve found [British Accent] Some nice little Bacon Rashers Fabulously Fruity Gooseberry Fool Yummy Fish Pie Mini Beef Pasties Steak Pie Some Clotted Cream Spinach, Feta & Toasted Pine Nut Pie Cheese with Ham Cheese with Prawns Cheese with Chives Original Cheese Full Fat Soft Cheese Darling, would you like some succulent Rhubarb Crumbles Some Dessicated Coconut Doesn’t everyone wanna just “Squirt some Anchor Magic?”

Jo, would you like some Orange Juice with Juicy Bits? I’ve had that. The juicy bits were actually kinda good. Okay, this part of British grocery stores kind of grosses me out Some people have strep throat and yet you still have the bread out for everyone’s germs to get on. You know what I do love about a good European grocery store? Anywhere you go you can find a delicious Bread with chocolate bits inside. With juicy chocolate bits! For like a pound!

It’s like why ain’t nobody getting fat in Europe? I don’t know What’s the deal with not refrigerating eggs and milk? It’s £! But you know what I mean? Like what do we have in our eggs that we need to refrigerate or better yet what do people here have in their eggs that they don’t need to refrigerate? You guys I’m really torn between the Roasted Chicken & Thyme flavoured crisps or the Thai Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps. So many flavoured crisps. So another part that’s interesting about shopping in an International grocery store is looking for the American isle. As Americans we’re gonna look for the American isle. I already see some Reese’s Pops. Okay, see they nailed it with the they nailed it with the Pop Charts. They’ve got Beef Jerky, they’ve got Twinkies, they’ve got the Nerds, they’ve got the Snickers. These were things from my childhood. Twinkies. Ew! Is that a lime Twinkie? Everyone thinks we’re just trying to hate on British grocery stores. We’re not, because this looks disgusting, America. They’ve got the Pumpkin fillings, Mac and Cheese that’s only plastic in a box. Did you ever eat that when you were little? Yes. Yes, yes.

I did. You know what to avoid, this is how you know this is an accurate American isle. When I first moved to the States, I actually refused to eat Mac and Cheese because I thought that if I ate Mac and Cheese I would become American. Swear. And that was the last thing I ever wanted to do! I never wanted to no, now I’m like Mac and Cheese for days! I love Mac and Cheese now but. When I check out here with my card, you know what they do that’s so interesting? They I have to sign it, sign my receipt. Then they’re like “Can I see your proof of your signature?”. I’m like my signature changes all the time so if that’s your only proof. These people will not let you buy anything with your credit card if you do not have a signature on the back of your card. You know what happened? This man stared at me until I signed the back of my card. And then the lady told me that if you don’t sign the back of your card within the first days there’s a sealer that automatically seals it so you physically can’t sign over the signature. See, I haven’t had that big of a problem but Announcer: Colleague announcement, can a member of food to go please contact? That’s a member of food to go to please contact, thank you. Everything sounds so lovely. So good. It’s more like they look at the signature that you sign on the receipt and they match it to your ID to make sure it’s identical. And if it’s not they’ll be like “Sir”. But. I’m like that’s me! Like you can’t use your credit card. Weird. Anyways, that’s my observation Are we done? You know what Jo?

I’ve been enjoying this experience so much that I’m just gonna check out with all this stuff in my cart. That’s my chocolate. Get a different one at least! You always get this one! No, because Says Mr. I always buy the same chocolate milk in every grocery store in my life. That’s not true I always buy the local chocolate milk. I always try the local chocolate and then it gets my stomach all messed up. Okay, everyone, if you liked this make sure to give it a thumbs up Comment below, what are things everybody needs to try when they are in a British grocery store. I don’t know! Did we miss things? I just like I think it’s a very important thing like, obviously, you need to experience the food culture of a country But you also need to explore the grocery stores because I think it says a lot about the people who live in a certain country. What’s available to them. Right, and if it’s not just about the cultural experience of being in a country abroad, it’s also about that cheap experience Because, you know, surviving abroad means grocery shopping We’re also gonna get the Beef Pasties! Not in America! We’ll see you next time! Patterned Sandwich bags! That’s so cute! Everything sounds cuter here! Kerbside Catty Liners! Is that even English? They spell kerbside look how they spell kerbside! With a K! And an E? And an R! You guys, don’t forget! Click on that sign! Click on the sign, we’ll see you in the next ! Bye!.

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