OK Today I’m going to make a.a.a A meal Meal? How have I never learned that word before? I just learned it last week I haven’t learned cuz the Brazilians aren’t teaching me in the comments “Meal!” I’m going to make a meal for you Rice and beans with farofa and eggs Kale, avocado and a little bit of fake meat I’m a cook, so it’s going to be funny You’re a cook? I cook for you You know I know how to make some pretty foods He is not very good Wow I’m speaking sincerely What a compliment Wanna give me some more? What’s happening today? First thing you need, a “panela” A pan Spray of olive Olive oil Where’s the rice? Where’s the rice? You didn’t buy any? OMG you don’t have rice! I have some; what I don’t have is time to cook it. Rice Beans Eggs that wasn’t in a cage Kale Avocado Farofa And.a Gringo (an american) Ok so first things first Washing hands First things first, washing our hands You gotta boil some water That right there is a panela The only one he has I have two! Boy what are you doing, you have to boil water first I’m Boiling But you don’t put rice without the water I’m going to read the instructions You don’t have to read them when you have them right here I’m already boiling water I live in a modern world with this object It’s boiling No, people, you boil water in a pot I’ve never heard of boiling.


What is that lil sht That application How do I download this app In the US, you don’t eat much rice and beans In high school, I think ate rice twice Two You like shell inside? I’m starting to get real hungry I hope he puts in something like.hmm.salt? This is about to be good Y’all were over there doubting this American making rice and beans Look at all o dis Where are the beans tho Normally you cook beans in the pressure pot except that we don’t have time I don’t have time for an iPhone that doesn’t work Can I help you? No! They already clicked on a called “Americans making rice and beans” or w e I don’t feel good I have something for you to do Jo Clean the pots Rice is boiling The beans look sad, but all good Never seen this in Brazil There’s no time! Next episode is me cooking You already know how to cook Brazilian foods. I don’t. And you ain’t learning today Seasonings Look at how I taught him how to cook with seasonings Some cayenne pepper? No!!!!

You know how Brazlians get with things that are spicy confuses with the word. Spicyness, Brazilians don’t like It’s good right Really fake Me in the kitchen Don’t burn me! Boy I’m already black You have a big lid? If I had one, I wouldn’t know, cuz IDK that word You gotta mix the beans Again? You leave them in the pressure pot, except that I was always scared of those Ok so this pressure pot Guys, you aren’t scared of those things? To cook with a pressure pot? You barely even find those here Like you can find them. Kids only buy them to build bombs You always talk about such heavy things We’re making rice and beans and you’re talking about bombs Cuz I’m a realist Oooh! And we have milk too Not for this, but you know. Startin’ to get hot in the kitchen cuz we hooooot A piece of rice cuz you put the thing in the rice and the beans without knowing Then you ask what it is W E you’re not even helping me here We have an expression in the US When you’re hungry, and so hungry you’re angry You combine the words I’m gettin’ hangry And your shirt is gettin in the beans This farofa is kind of americanized Why? Cuz you’re American. So just cuz I’m an American who made a Brazilian meal means that it’s a Brazilian-American meal? It’s a beautiful mix That’s the reason we do our channel in order to mix cultures Today you’re witnessing a beautiful representation of the United States joining Brazil Temer with Trump; we’re all here! We’re all here in this meal This stupid little rice some cool kale Lookin good Puttin a little salt in there Here we have the beans Some farofa (flour) Scrambled eggs with fake meat with steamed kale Pretty. Cool. Except that the most important part of the meal.

Guys I know. is still not ready I’d already start eating But you need rice with your beans I need rice, then beans, then farofa, then rice, then. We’ll see you in minutes Leave it! It’s hot! Yeah, it’s hot? It has this thing that SHOULD work Obviously it doesn’t work Never cookin Brazilian things again You need some tooth paste or something to calm. No, I need a new hand! Lemme do it please Sure now that my hand is burnt Rice turned out decent The second time! I don’t have a hand. I don’t have an iPhone! How ridiculous What a disaster Yeah you’re right The meal from the American with the help of the half-Brazilian Are you all calm now Jo? Boy I’ve been calm this entire time I just have “hanger” Literally delicious Good right? Maybe I’m a disaster in the kitchen but Without a doubt accurate No but the food is good and we’re gonna eat it Leave a comment below about the next meal we should make Leave a comment about what you thought of our meal Is it a ? Did we do it wrong? IDK, I’m not Brazilian Yes I am But half Beijos. Kisses. Just to explain the system here in the house I’m the cook No Jo not like this. There’s fire here First thing: don’t burn yourself When I cook, I do this You dance samba I’m getting better The boy starts cooking rice and beans and all of a sudden he can dance! Why don’t you have farofa in your house? Yet I do? Cuz I’m a broke ass It’s Expensive In Brazil how much is it? Not That’s the thing I lke the most in Brazil: farofa I love all the cats (word for cat and hottie at the same time) The animals are really cool And the hotties for dinner.

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