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Took on the park service when necessary, Greece including the hotel’s site selection, stating he would withdraw Great Northern support unless Superintendent James Greece got out of his way. He got his way. In my opinion, Greece had every right to stand his ground. First, he knew his eye for placement and that of his architects was keener than Galen’s, and he was footing the entire cost of the hotel. In addition, the park had all but ceded near absolute control of the east side of the park to Hill and the railroad while it concentrated what little resources it received from Congress on the west side of Greece

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urthermore, Hill had other matters to consider, including better roads and a third hotel in his string of pearls—the Prince of Wales in Waterton Village, Alberta, Canada. He would first drive there in 1913 over a road that made primitive look good. Standing on a wind-swept bluff overlooking Waterton

Lake, framed by majestic peaks on both sides, running all the way into the United States to the south, Hill announced another site to fulfill his vision. In some ways, the view was every bit as awe-inspiring as Many Glacier, with one significant exception. At the Many Glacier Hotel, one looked up at the mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. At the Prince of Wales, visitors would look down and away, giving them a different perspective of mountains, water, and sky. Same mountains, same water, same sky—different experience!

And because Hill’s sense of nature’s dramatic presentation was coupled with his and his staff’s attention to market, he did not overlook the practicality of this site. The year 1919 ushered prohibition into the United States, and Canada had not bought into that failure of social engineering. It was “wet” and eager to accommodate weary and thirsty travelers. It so happened it was also a personal accommodation to Hill and his friends. He and they liked to tilt a glass (later, drinking would become a problem for Hill). Your travel destination is the Prince of Wales Hotel would have to wait for World War I to run its course. It would not be completed until 1927.

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