Good morning, how are you doing today? hope you’re having a great one, I’m also having a great day, but I’m also having a sad day, because once again I’m leaving a country that I have really, really enjoyed.


I had not expected to come to Nepal on this trip, it was a bit of an unexpected change in plans after my other flights in India got cancelled, I came here completely on a whim and what a fantastic time I have had, I did not expect to see, some of the biggest or the, some of the biggest, the biggest mountains in the world and it has been brilliant and I was so fortunate with the weather and the people I met, the guides on my treks, so thank you everybody who made this trip such an amazing time and thank you to the nature that I really enjoyed, but now we’ve come to the sad part, I only had two weeks, actually slightly less than two weeks in Nepal, so I had a night in Kathmandu, and a day exploring Kathmandu, where I saw a little bit of it, climbed the Monkey Temple, got great views of the city, that was really beautiful, then ten days on the Annapurna trek. Pokhara, the trekking, wonderful people I met on the trek, the excellent food I had and the just amazing, sunrises, sunsets and mountainscapes, I’ve loved it, even though I’ve got to admit, my legs by the end of it were like oh my goodness, but it was great, I loved it and now I gotta leave, my time is over. I am, adding it to the ever extensive of list of places that I must come and visit because I saw one small part of Nepal, which isn’t a big, big country, but has so much more to offer and I can’t wait to come back but I say this about every place I visit and now I am actually going back to one place, I’m going back to India today, but again I’m not gonna get any extra time there because I’m literally flying from, Kathmandu to Mumbai and then from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur and then on to my next destination, but as for now, let’s get to the airport.

Coffee, apple danish. Airport snacks. to all our international guests welcome to India and fellow Indians welcome home.

Welcome to Mumbai! Well, I am back at Mumbai airport again where I started my adventure and immigration no queues and you know what time it is? it’s find my pickup time. So, I go through here and let’s scan the people, see who’s going to take me home today, okay, no, no, no no Mr Deeva, nope I should pick a really posh looking hotel, oh Mariott I wonder if they’ll take me home? oh, there I am Mr Wicks. There we go, so we are back in Mumbai, wow, how long ago does it seem? When we’de just arrived fresh-faced, for our first time in India, now we’ve been around quite a few places, had some amazing experiences, now we’re back in Mumbai.

Thank you very much, good evening sir, good evening, how’re doing? fine sir. It’s grab a bag time. Can I squeeze in here too? Which floor? th or th? I’m on the fourth I’m on the fifth floor right? he hopes, yeah, you should move his room to the fourth now, just to confuse him, I will ring him up and confirm.

This is fourth, thank you gentlemen, have a good day, you too. Okay,, that’s what the man said, look at that, the door works, and here we go. It’s nice, isn’t it? key card in, close the door, here we are.

What are you doing camera? welcome back to Mumbai, welcome back to India, wow, I can’t believe how much I missed India, even in the traffic, just such a vibrancy about it, is there any any more lights in this room? can you see me? can you see me? Welcome back to India..

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