So it’s just another regular day in the Damon and Jo household we just got back from, you guessed it, another trip and whenever we’re home we love to do things like, maybe chill out, read magazines ooh, now thats good watch our favourite sitcoms shake his hand, that’s right enjoy life i’m living my life, hey Phil redecorate there rearrange magnets on the fridge L.A. go for a little grocery shopping baby spinach is on sale and finally, what we love to do is surf the web for fun wow.really? a bus ticket for seventeen dollars seventeen dollars seventeen dollars dog food, is seventeen dollars seventeen dollars firewood is seventeen dollars seventeen dollars this jar of olive oil, is seventeen dollars seventeen dollars even this cheese platter is worth seventeen dollars, but is this really worth a weekend trip to San Francisco?


I do love a good camembert, but absolutely not so let me get back to the house so.in typical Damon and Jo fashion, we booked a last minute trip to San Francisco and I got groceries but this time we’re gonna have a little twist while packing we are not packing our own bags, no no no, we’re packing each others bags first, some rules number one: we’re gonna be gone for three days, so we need three outfits number two: we’ll identify the three most important items for a bus journey and number three: we’re gonna put twenty minutes on the clock ready, set, pack! Damon Dominique has the smallest closet in the house, I’m sorry I took the big closet this closet used to be a shared closet, it used to be a Damon and Jo closet that was mine, this was Jo’s okay do we hang clothes up, or just use hangers for decoration you can’t put sweaters on hangers like this Jo, because this happens seven, eight, nine jackets, and we live in L.A.

We don’t even wear jackets here I didn’t even know she had this many jackets, cause she only wears one he’s gonna be like “Jo, I feel like San Francisco would be grey” ah, totally a San Francisco colour we’re about to wear that no, no, no, no, no, wow, no okay like, are you seventy-six years old Jo? Okay how many jeans can one tiny person own? okay Jo has a thousand of these things, and the funniest part is you never see her buy these things I don’t know where she gets these, I think her Mom gets them hi Denise maybe I do have a seventy-six year old best friend oh, yes I think I’m gonna bring this shirt but I’m gonna bring these shirts, I feel like this is what he wanted me to bring you know what? Let’s go into my old dresser, what has this become now? that’s where that was! see and then slowly, this was not my stuff but it is some scarves, jackpot I don’t know if these clothes are clean or dirty imagine I packed the boy dirty clothes, ooh he’s gonna be mad another thing about picking out clothes for Jo Franco, if you pick out a yellow shirt, “oh that’s a mustard shirt, I’m looking like a can of mustard” “oh you’re gonna have me looking like a blue jelly bean” im going to have her looking like mayonnaise, haha okay Mr. Moneybags, like all of a sudden I run into a stash of money in his closet this is coming with me, no I’m just gonna leave it right there pleather pants? this is literally how it is, crumpled in the corner I just took a two second break, can you see my eyes?

They’re starting to water because I’m allergic to dust and as I’m rummaging through his clothes things are happening in my nasal passages and if I sneeze, don’t worry about saying bless you I’m trying to hold in a sneeze right now what, ew. Okay those are workout pants I might as well, San Francisco has a lot of hills, maybe I should just dress her in workout outfits no which jacket? Do I go for the distressed “I was attacked by a werewolf” jacket? or the “I’m wearing a black jacket that looks just like the one I just talked about?” okay I’m over here like looking in her dresser, looking in here, NO! when you are travelling, you need to go straight to the laundry bag, it’s right there I have never never seen him wear this hat I’m ready for San Francisco I might have to take this hat for me is this clean?

Is this dirty? Is this dirty? Is that clean? we travel a lot. Laundry is an issue. Doing the laundry; is the laundry clean? Is it dirty? We get it everybody okay I’m not gonna make fun of his fashion sense, cause everybody loves his fashion sense, gotta admit, my boy stays fresh to death. Let’s see if the outfits I put together will stand up to his outfit test the twenty minutes are up, I put the must have items in her bag, and now I’m going to give the bag to her so she can finish packing it come in I don’t know why I’m knocking for my own bedroom we made that rule up that we had to pick three items that we could not leave for our Greyhound trip without okay, what’d you pick me? Yes! Thank you this is an ordinary plastic bag when you’re on a bus, they might have a little trash can here and there but you want your own personal one especially when you eat as much yogurt, bananas and like peanut butter as this kid does don’t get me started on the snacks I’m about to pack for this Greyhound bus trip I got you a portable phone charger we had this in our closet; you never use it which is why your phone always dies oh, so you got it for me there are also outlets on the bus, so if you forget this, you’re getting a full charge I never charge anything, so it’s good that I can charge it there so you got a charger, and the last item, this is like a given yes! at least with this one I know how to use it it’s like a point and shoot as I packed your bag, I got excited you get to pack so much more because there’s so much more flexibility yes, we can bring my full bottle of hair cream you didn’t pack that? We didn’t get into hygiene products show me what you got, what are my three items? okay, so I know that you have a bad neck you’ll probably literally sleep better on the bus than in your own bed please tell me that you packed what I think you packed?

My double decker neck pillow remember I told you like “double deckers or nothing”? alright so we have the neck pillow, but then we also have a neck roller your neck has a natural arch people. This is a great way to maintain it okay and third item, it’s not neck related, but it is well-being related I saw your laundry bag. First of all, is that clean or not? It’s clean but it’s been there for like a week so is it clean? I don’t know well that inspired me to bring this, the like fresh spray mist is this your lemongrass spray? okay it’s technically mine and you know, I enjoy looking and smelling like I just came out of a spa okay so now you wanna see what I packed you? oh, you know I have a mustard stain on these pants mustard food resinates more to me than like, fashion. Mustard this is like a burnt sausage you’ve never worn this nice, crisp, white I bought it for a trip to San Francisco. Hide the tag can we just talk about how long this coat is? like this coat will warm your toenails if you wanted to I know, it’s so long so I’m like, alright maybe I’ll wear that I think you’re ready to throw this away why? I actually really like that, thank you very much just kidding I knew you would remember, packing for a bus trip is already so much different than packing for a train, packing for an airplane I mean it’s defiantly got it’s perks like it’s more flexible, I can bring a huge tub of hair cream, no ones gonna stop me yeah you all your hair creams yours too (and mine too) alright you guys, don’t forget to click subscribe and comment below, what is your favourite part of taking a bus ride we’re gonna be posting more San Francisco s with Greyhound I was gonna say what’s your best tip on a bus or, what’s the best way to kill time on a bus or what’s the favourite thing to bring on a bus or why travel on a bus so many questions we’ll see you on the next , goodbye and you may be wondering like, “Damon and Jo? What do even you do on an eight hour bus ride?” some of us had no problem filling the time, just saying yeah look who’s talking, ten minutes in she fell asleep and she slept and slept and slept some more you know it oh, sorry.

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