Going to Nusa Penida Indonesia How to get to Nusa Penida Island by Boat from Sanur Bali Indonesia

How to get to Nusa Penida how do you get to Nusa Penida from Bali well it’s really quite straightforward there’s lots of places in Bali that will actually do your transfer from your hotel to the boat and the boat to Nusa Penida but let’s rewind a little bit and just go from the beginning okay first of all you need to get from wherever you are to a port town called Sanur now you can get there from Ubud from Bali from the airport from Uluwatu wherever you’re staying on Bali you’ve got to get a transfer there I don’t think there’s any like normal buses there so you have to arrange with a tour company or with your hotel a road transfer from wherever you want picked up to the port of Sanur you can also if you if you’ve rented a motorbike you can park your bike at Sanur while you’re over on the island but obviously you’re gonna pay for that as well.

Going to Nusa Penida Indonesia How to get to Nusa Penida Island by Boat from Sanur Bali Indonesia Photo Gallery

So I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea if you’ve got a rental bike you might as well just leave it or un-rent it for a little while and pick up another rental bike when you get back rather than pay the rent and the parking when you get there the journey takes about minutes to get from Bali central to give you an idea to Sanur and this is where you’re going to get dropped off right here at the end of the road you’ll recognize it little mini roundabout that hardly any drivers use and loads of motorbikes parked up welcome to Sanur made it on the first part of your trip now you’re gonna work out where you buy your ticket from once.

You’ve got yourself to Sanur you need to find yourself a boat to Nusa Penida now I’m going with these guys Angel Billabong fast cruise now you can see they’ve got the times there they depart from Sanur, and last boat is at : and coming back from Nusa Penida to Sanur time, o’clock departures so I’ll put the price in the details for them down on the thing and there’s a bit of their thing for you there so you’ve got from the hotel you’ve got to Sanur you’re go and get your boat ticket now it’s time to catch the boat or maybe get a drink then catch the boat depending on how much time you’ve got thank you very much the best coffee in Sanur with music as well yep sing me a tune thank you very much there goes my bag don’t drop it in the water that’s my bag, follow the man, take it to the boat we’re going to Nusa Penida that is where I’m gonna have to walk where my bag goes that’s where.

I am going to have to go down the steps here carrying the rest of my luggage across there and one of those, the second boat angel Billabong see there’s my bag heading into the boat please don’t drop it, please don’t drop it my baggage safely on the boat there you go he throws up on the top deck and plonks it down okay now to get the rest of my stuff and get on the boat myself let’s go to Nusa Penida! let’s not fall over now you’ve made it on the boat sit back relax and enjoy the crossing it’s only about a -minute crossing very very short but just be warned some of the bits in the middle can get quite bumpy and the boat driver will he drives like he’s driving through potholes so don’t worry just hold on and as you get closer to the other side the water becomes nice and calm again the boat slows down the water turns turquoise the beaches look gorgeous you forget the little bumpy journey behind you it was just for – minutes and you start gazing at that clear clear water.

And looking at that lovely beach and you know you have just about arrived in Nusa Penida then it’s time to get off the boat, walk up the slightly wobbly jetty, up the ladder and look for your luggage this is where you land you get off the boat you get your bag and then you take a short walk up this little road here to the main road and find your resort now if you’ve arranged a lift they’ll be waiting for you the boat if you want a lift there’s plenty bikes and cars waiting at the boat to take you wherever you want just negotiate a price I think I haven’t got far to go so I’m gonna walk it even though it is blazing hot and I forgot my hat but I got my shades and there you have it you are now in Nusa Penida I hope you enjoyed this post I hope it was useful to you remember to give it a thumbs up if it was useful and below for comments and questions anything you want to know about the island let me know I’ll get back to you as soon as possible also remember to comment to the blog Travel with Simon come and join me as I travel around the world but in the meantime I’m just gonna be quiet let you enjoy this beautiful Nusa Penida sunset have a great time.

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