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Hike down the narrow path a bit to cross a large scree field. The steeper rocky trail turns up to a fake saddle and then the going is easier over dirt to an old sign at the saddle (6150 ft) and intersection with Angry Mountain Trail 90. The great views just got better as you see Hawkeye Point above the beautiful Middle Fork Johnson Creek valley and basin belonging to Heart Lake (out of sight), and the rough ridge to Johnson Peak. Moving SW on Trail 90 takes people below Angry Mountain down the continuation of the ridge to that TH, while staying on Trail 86 moves SE to Heart Lake (with a steep spur path), Hawkeye Point, and Goat Lake in the interior of Goat Rocks Wilderness. See the two huge rocky spires down to the left from the saddle and see toward Angry Mountain with massive valleys on each side. Also see Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and the top of Mount Adams.

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For Johnson Peak leave the main trails and scramble a fun mile left (NE) up the steep ridge with only a faint path at times to the rockier summit. There the views extend from the SE ridge to Hawkeye Point, Old Snowy, Ives Peak, Gilbert Peak, and Mount Adams farther S, with Mount Rainier not far to the NW. Several waterfalls and perhaps mountain goats can be seen in the basins below. Goats can even be seen to the summit so be sure to make noise and not compete with them near the top. From the main trail, bushwhack WNW very steeply up the ridge or just right without falling while near the edge. Look for helpful cairns to the summit but don’t depend on them. See the bright green Heart Lake in the beautiful open basin under Hawkeye Point quickly from the main trail near the saddle.

Avoid brush along the rocky slender ridge NE as the trees thin and you work just right (S) of the ridgeline near a tiny point (6689 ft) to the ridge again with huge boulders and rocks to descend. The route changes to Class 2 as you must scramble quite steeply down 15 ft with decent holds to more solid ground. Next, climb right of a cruddy ridge section finding your way more easily back to the ridgeline. After that, see boulders on the ridge for the remainder of the route with very few trees 5 mi more to the top.

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