Imma be real with y’all We just filmed an entire thing which was pretty good and the whole thing wasn’t even on Wasn’t working Anyways! What’s up everybody? What up it’s Damon It’s Jo. And it’s Damon and Jo And we’re here in Paris We are co-ordinating a meet up. We ain’t got no permission No authorization to be in this park. But we about to see who showed up Do you think we’re really gonna get kicked out of this park right now? There’s a likely chance ’cause we decided to do it in front of a government building That was my baaaad Do you know where we’re going? Because I don’t know the adress. You’re the one who planned it all. The moment when you’re late for your own meet up. Damn it! And you don’t even know where it is Here’s the thing with these meet ups, we never know how many of you are actually gonna show up This is about you meeting each other. This is not about us, like you may come thinking that you’re here to see us No! Let’s go and find the spot, Jo.


I think it’s right here Hello, good evening everybody! Look how beautiful! Oh people are already here! Aww, guys. Hi! How are you? I’m good, how about you? I’m great! greeting everyone in French I love how they’re coming from nowhere Oh my god, I love this Everyone looks so cool too! I just love how it’s like ‘oh my god! there you guys are!’ Look at you cuties! American Are you French? French. French and Brazilian! French and Brazilian, cool! English, and polish! How cool! We’re making a ! This is Paris! Lost my voice already What up everybody, this is a beautiful moment We did an international cultural picnic When we were studying abroad, this is exactly what we were looking for and it didn’t actually exist I know! That’s why I’m so happy that everyone’s here meeting each other They’re like all staring There are French people and international people And like, when did you ever think we would all get along so well It was not authorized, you need to get an anthorization and we control it.

Sorry, we’re just here for a week and we wanted to meet everyone. Yeah, we watched it. That’s me! It’s actually a good , you should watch it! We did our reasearch. It’s okay, you need to watch our channel, you’re gonna like it, it’s about the mix of cultures. We’re American but we speak French, it’s a travel channel. Ok we’re picking everything up. Okay, everybody. So it’s true, we did get (cough) kicked out They caught us, that’s okay, we had a backup location Ok, Paris prefecture, if you’re watching this, it’s okay, everyone’s here. Désolée! Like, alright, it’s okay. Best lighting for the photo op Jo, can you get the key? Yeah, just hold on one second There it is. Leave it to us to put the key under the mat Anybody wanna come in ’cause the key’s just under the mat, what? If you missed the meet up, you know where to find us Oh my gosh, how tired are you right now? On a scale from to, I’m “crevée” (I’m dead beat) I will literally keep this door open ’cause my arm is too tired to close a door right now. It was really fun That was so good When Jo loses her voice I’m yawning, can’t I yawn? And this is the irony, the Paris prefecture kicks us out of the park! We make s in French every week.

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