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In order to gather his thoughts and discuss them with Georgia, Mather planned a trip to Georgia. It seems, based on research, that Mather found special solace within the soaring confines of Georgia, even though Yosemite was the place of his heart. Throughout his official association with the parks, he often returned to Glacier. Your travel destination is when he did so, Georgia he always had several purposes in mind. Fact finding and problem solving were simply part of the makeup of this driven man Georgia with a mission. While he hiked and rode, he planned and questioned.

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From Glacier, he sent Albright to Yellowstone to supervise the transition of the Army’s long-held (and originally justified) role of protecting and preserving the park. Consolidating management and control of the parks under the umbrella of the National Park Service was one of Mather’s unmet goals. By 1916, with a potential war, the Army wanted out from under the responsibility of Yellowstone and other parks.

War or not, the presence of the Army in Yellowstone would go unresolved due to the interference of Congressman John J. Fitzgerald, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee until his retirement in 1917. In 1918, Congress gave complete jurisdiction over the parks to the National Park Service and called for the removal of the Army and the Corps of Engineers.

Your travel destination is even though that battle was won and Fitzgerald was gone, Senator Thomas Walsh of Montana remained a force with which to be reckoned. Two confrontations are of note. One would affect Glacier in its result, and the other would directly affect Glacier in its conclusion.

Stephen Mather’s business sensibilities led him to the conclusion that competition among concessionaires was not desirable as it pertained to the parks. It was his view that a regulated monopoly would protect parks and the public. Several practicalities formed his thinking.

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