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So uhm passport while i remember oh oh sorry i musn’t go and run without that, uhm but yes a good spot for sunset, a good spot for sunset. Made it over to the Island, on the lake in the middle of Udaipur and i’m trying to find a spot, trying to find a spot it was recommended for my sunset uh that’s the restuarant, went there that was good.

Next one oh little there is, uh Manji Raj Kaghat let’s sort that one, let’s keep going my instructions were turn right out of the guest house. Go down the hill, look for the big door, go through the big door, cross the bridge and then go left-ish to find Manji Raj Kaghat if you get lost ask. I’m not lost yet, how big can this Island be? Manji Raj Kaghat, Kaghat there we go.

It’s scooter-proofed as many places as possible i notice with these ziggity zag gates here we go through gate now actually there’s so much bicycles here so they quite wheel-proofed it but, close and here we go. And here we are look at that uh there’s the place it looks pretty posh into the views onto the lake, ah look whoah, stunning welcome to the lake whose name i haven’t discovered yet in the middle of Udaipur. Have a beautiful sunny afternoon ah beautiful breeze coming of the lake.

Udaipur where i enjoyed my afternoon in the evening sun it was very beautiful. And here you’ll find there’s a few cafes, Simon: Hi there Waiter: It’s a new restuarant we’re opening just today Simon: Oh excellent Waiter: I invite you welcome sir Simon: I will come and try you in a little while, thank you very much. I wish you good success Waiter: Thank you sir Ah new restuarant just opening today, you’ll find one or two of these restuarants down here on , you sit here the sunset is gonna be right there in front of you, the main village and view where the sun is setting is sunshing onto us over there, a beautiful location to have a drink at the end of the day.

Uhm but later i do have to get my sunset and get back to the hotel because i’m going to a cultural show this evevning recommended by the hotel, from till rupees for me, rupees for the camera so i’ll be taking you along, i’ll let you know what that’s like first guess what? you got it, drink then sunset. Into the museum for a dance show, queue for tickets, do i queue here? or do i go in? so i’ve already got a ticket, thank you very much i’ll see you later. Simon: Evening Doorkeeper: Take your camera Simon: ok i’ll it, thank you very much, thank you.

And here we are, they said go early get a seat, find somewhere with a view. Where do i want to be? [Evening Show] Well, cultural dancing from Rajastan, from groups of twirling people to a year old lady carying i don’t know how many pots on her head and dancing on glass but a fascinating insight to the traditions of Rajastan dancing. Another great evening, now got to get out.

And spilling out onto the ghats over the lake after the show, the dance show, nice and cool here in the evening. Fireworks still and a beautiful view over the lake and lanterns..

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