First Time in India Travel part 1 Arrival Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

This is it folks, it is time to go to India I’m starting off in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia I’m in bukit bintang and I’m just waiting for the MRT the mass Rapid Transit train to arrived to take me to four stations along we’re I’m goin to get on the KLI Express to go to Kuala Lumpur International Airport from there I’m going to fly into Mumbai so I guess this is officially day one of my trip to India even though I’m gonna arrive just today so this is sort of day zero will call tomorrow India day one.

First Time in India Travel part 1 Arrival Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Photo Gallery

But I’ve never been to India that’s very exciting. I’m now going to get the express train to KLI so although it says welcome to Malaysia it’s actually for me it’s farewell to Malaysia Oh look, there’s actually a train here. I wonder if I can get to run run run.Oh, timing Got it Welcome on board the KLIA Express.

Next station Kuala Lumpur International Airport. One step closer to India zipping along in the fast train it’s a really easy way to get to and from the airport to central Kuala Lumpur. Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride.

I get the feeling from here on it’s just gonna get more hectic the closer I get to India but it should be great The next station is Kuala Lumpur International airport. Good morning ladies, good morning thank you And I’m in India at Mumbai Airport now let’s go and see about a lift to the hotel Oooh, it’s hot. So where do we start? Okay.

Some morning breakfast at : You can come now. Thank you. Your room number is on the second floor.

Here’s your room. Please come inside. Ah, bright.

Oooof. Well it was quite a long flight from Kuala Lumpur, four-and-a-half hours and we were late leaving as well. It meant that I arrived in my Kuala Lumpur timeline arrived at like about o’clock at night.

Kuala Lumpur time because India is a bit odd it’s two and a half hours different from GMT and where they get there half an hour from have no idea I’ll probably discover as I get halfway through India. But, got picked up at the airport the guy was waiting there with a sign and in the minute drive from the airport to the guesthouse which is close by the airport I’m just overnighting here quite nice though nice and clean and quiet because on the road aha we nearly squashed by a dozen tuk tuks just in that short journey the driving is chaotic, but, I am here in India. But I’m not staying in Mumbai for long tomorrow I’m back to the airport so I get up, hopefully I have some sleep, get up have some breakfast, no idea what breakfast is, well obviously I know what breakfast is but I don’t know what the breakfast is going to be here if you understand and then I’m back to the airport come flying to Varanasi in the far northern eastern side of India where I’m going to spend a few days exploring that area so no exciting footage for today, this is, is this day one? We called this day nought didn’t we day naught so far, no exciting footage of day naught, but a few glimpses out the window a few posts through the the window as we tried not, I don’t know if he was trying not to squash too many tuk tuks or whetherhe was actually trying to squash the tuk tuks and they dodged him I’m not really sure so day naught, tomorrow officially day one India.

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