He didn’t believe! He didn’t even want to go out with me He didn’t? What am I supposed to do, right? What are you supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? I don’t know I’m stressed out I’m hungry I need chocolate I get you I got zits on my boobs Hey everybody, it’s Damon It’s Jo And it’s Damon and Jo Happy Damon and Jo’s Domingão Another Domingão The Domingões are going quickly, right? It looks like suddenly everyday it’s Sunday Today. We are making Brigadeiros We got a lot of stuff in Supermercado Brasil Such as. Condensed Milk Toddy Chocolate sprinkles And butter Who’s hungry? This is rotten, throw it off! Oh, butter! Why there’s tomatoes in this? I don’t even eat tomatoes What is this then? Ok everybody, we got a recipe What we need: tablespoon butter can of condensed milk tablespoons of chocolate Chocolate sprinkles Butter to anoint There’s not a lot of space to go wrong How many degrees? First things first: It’s not on the oven, it’s on the stove How many then? No! That’s the oven Oh, oven! In a saucepan melt the butter, add condensed milk and chocolate “DOIS FRADES” What? Damn! Leite moca!


She’s the “moca” This is a brigadeiro Damon and Jo’s style Dirty pan. Tapioca I’m sorry everyone. I ate tapioca twice today already Everything? No way Okay, now you mix it up In low heat Do you want to tell me a story? Me? I always remember the times when I was a lot younger Eating this in my grandma’s house And we used to make this together in the kitchen Every sunday Before Damon and Jo’s Domingão was created Several lies after. Felicidade é fazer um brigadeiro Happiness is to make brigadeiro Let’s add the chocolate! I’m a chocolate lover. Damn Toddynho! Felicidade. Put toothpaste on it This is not a thing It works! It’s cooling Shes making up medicine Guys, this is the world ugliest brigadeiro! I told you it was goin to be Damon and Jo style I don’t even know if you use Toddynho to make brigadeiro but. That’s what we got Damn, this toothpaste was so expensive We got to take care of your teeth And then eat brigadeiro Let me know, do you guys do this at night. A thursday night. You are bored. What are you doing? Look I’m afraid of this little holes It looks like chocolate pudding I think salt is the missing ingredient Jo getting burned was missing And salt Salt? Salt!

Do you want to put salt in the recipe? Yes! Do it Just a little bit Secret ingredient! Salt! This is not a regular brigadeiro. This is a Damon and Jo’s brigadeiro I don’t want to see anyone complaining in the comment section Now we transfer our brigadeiro Does it look good? Straight to the fridge Felicidade é saber. Happiness is when you know. Shut up, Jo I’ll be here in bed Jo, do you think that the word “brigadeiro” comes from “obrigado”? Because everyone has the “obligation” to eat brigadeiro Do you feel obligated to say “obrigado”? Exactly. I want brigadeiro It’s really simple Jo, if you don’t want to be here. The door is over there I’ll go to my apartment. I’m never coming back to this hell You can go then! You can go I don’t want to speak to you Okay everybody, let’s move on with our brigadeiro recipe Let’s go Brigadeiro, obrigado! Let’s wash our little hands Voilá! Here’s our brigadeiro Now we got to roll it up and add the chocolate sprinkles It tastes like summer in grandma’s house?

Okay, how do we make this? Okay, we don’t need to add your snot in the recipe We got chocolate here “Chocolacte” And we got the sprinkles here Alright Where’s the sprinkles? First we are rolling it And then you do this That’s a brigadeiro? That’s a brigadeiro? Let’s add a little bit of coconut as well Done, right? Damon’s brigadeiro Do you have a name for this brigadeiro? Like, brigadeiro cocô (poop)? Not côco (coconut) Brigalixo Briga. No thanks First: butter on your hands Just like my grandma tought me No! It’s not like that! And then you lick it You do this so the chocolate doesn’t stick to your hands! You always ask me how I take care of my hair. I use butter! And then you roll it and make a little ball Just like my face, a ball Get these bacteria out of here! It’s a little ball You roll it around the sprinkles It looks really cool We are going to make a poll in this . Which one do you like best? Wow, Damon’s way to make brigadeiro I’m angry everybody And I’m angry that you don’t believe in the butter thing On the “mão-teiga” Ready? One, two, three and. It’s good with salt I like the sprinkles Nothing else It tastes good with salt everybody! We are leaving you with this A perfect little love ball Felicidade é saber que eu tenho o seu amor Happiness is to know that I have your love Leave a comment down below if you liked the way my brigadeiro turned out And the Damon’s brigad-ugly That’s all everybody! Bye, see you next Domingão! Please subscribe I’m really ugly but I taste good I’m sorry Brazil.

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