Hi guys It’s Damon. And Jo. And DamonAndJo. I’m Jo Damon. And I’m Jo. You’re Damon! WHO ARE WE? We decided we can’t leave this country without doing a lil’ Portuguese. Like we can’t leave Like I won’t get on the plane Not because my bags are enormous due to all the shopping No. Because I didn’t do a in Portuguese! She even bought these shorts And it looks just like the Brazilian flag, so let’s go Brazil! Let’s explore Alright. We gon’ shut up. We gon’ get out of here. We gon’ stop sweating. Now! Lookie here guys It’s been one minute that we’re here and she’s already wanting to buy more Ok, ya’ll seeing this price? I got some money to burn Hold this Isn’t this shirt pretty? I want to buy it because this would be like. You don’t have any more space in your bags! Stranger: Are you guys Brazilian? I am.


And I am too. He is not. speaking such good Portuguese? Well THANK YOU! You know what happens? I enter a street like this not about to buy anything because I’m cheap and don’t like to buy things You don’t like to buy things? You’re always buying things here. You remember that where I said I don’t buy anything more than This here makes it look like I have a big crotch This here is cute, but for $, no. Yes Jo! Damon, what do you think about having to take your shoes off everywhere? I’m not one of those people who use. I’m not one of those people who walk barefoot What was the question? It’s like I’m talking a lot just so you forget the question. It’s working cuz I already forget what I asked. What do you think about having to take off your shoes every time you go into a place? In the US, it’s not a custom in Indiana It was never a rule to take off your shoes before going into the house I find it really necessary It makes sense right You’re outside walking around with all that bacteria horse poop I always walk with Havaianas or barefoot Where? At home. You.walking with Havaianas.no. Find the light Find that light Where the light at? Got it! There’s a monk.

I’m not gonna talk out of respect. What’d he do? To us? No! I don’t know. I got a nice lookin conga on. See this conga? I’m ready for the beach. for the temples Let’s go see I’m over here talking and you forgot the question Boy, what are we even talking about! WHAT are we even talking about! We’re talking a lot.let’s go? Let’s go. I love when birds fly into my shot. It’s pretty. I have birds here. just for the shot When you travel you have to have birds with you to let go into the shot Travel tip: don’t leave without your birds, ready for the perfect picture. There’s a little street Guys, Bangkok! This is a caipirinha. in Thailand. It’s not for Damon. So why does the waiter always give it to me. I don’t know why maybe cuz I only order really “masculine” things Everytime I order something, they put it in front of Damon. And all vegetarian foods they give to you. Like.no. Like, this food is for WOMEN. No! This caipirinha is for lil’ ol me. Wow we spent days in Thailand. Here are our birds. Come here We’re not even go in now because Jo wants to buy more things That has nothing to do with it! I can’t enter with these little shorts. Oh that’s the excuse?

I have to buy these. It’s not my option. She’s always thinking she’s in a fashion show. Changing your clothes just for the temple. I have a rule: two outfits every day. We’re gonna have an issue Why? Cuz I can’t kiss you! On the lips! And also, you can’t smoke. I don’t smoke? Look at the size of this thing with a pole in the middle In reality, it’s really tiny But what’s inside? There are always secrets. Comment below what you think is inside of this Buddha statue. This painting has the necessary secrets to enter in the middle You just have to touch. No, everyone, don’t touch. So, if you liked this give it a thumbs up? I didn’t get any of that Then it’s time for us to go. Comment if you’ve ever been to Thailand, or Bangkok. I’m putting a strong Brazilian accent on that. Bangkok. In English that means something else. That’s all. I’m gonna go take a shower Me too. Not with. It’s always like this Walking with Havaianas is not the problem. The problem is living with you Because I get the whole floor wet and then when you walk barefoot you have wet feet which is why you need to wear Havaianas at home I like socks though. My socks get all wet. Yeah cuz you aren’t wearing Havaianas. That’s why I don’t like it! Look at how I look when I take photos. Like a mother. Why do I make that face? It’s like when I do a of you and I’m like. Looking at my clips? Yeah! You’re like, “Why are you looking at it like that?” Who knows you guys?.

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