Exec Chair Train India Agra Cantt – Delhi Arriving Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station Executive Class

I gotta go through security so I have to turn the camera off back in a minute And I’m on E, this is E Alright I should be on this list, there I am look no wait, i’ve worked it out it’s seat, look at that, looks like a nice quiet train, that’s brilliant let’s get on board find seat i’m in seat this way, i think it’s this way looking for sorry ladies, thank you sorry, thank you very much that one, welcome aboard [Train hostess]the seat number sir, just put my bag there i hope,[Train hostess] and this one this one, i think thank you very much nice quiet train turn on the computer, do some work or have a nap, who am I kidding? ok, here we go Now I don’t have takeout food on this trip but I’ve still been given green tea and masala tea and biscuits and sort of cake of some kind they really spoil you when you travel like this I can get used to this but i am looking forward to a nice cup of tea, my throat’s getting dry again. Welcome back to Delhi, a different railway station this time but another nice, relaxing journey in the executive class, really spoiled Now it’s that time to join the throngs escape the railway station and negotiate an autorickshaw to my hotel, which i’ve been informed should be no more than a rupees, let’s go Look at that queue, thank you let’s get close and let’s find one and negotiate a sensible price, For no, no, no, [rickshaw driver] ok Sorry, this is a chaotic station Ok, thank you very much, [driver] hotel booked elena yes hotel’s all booked, [driver] book?, yep Let’s see what’s happening here, if he’s not quick enough i’ll find another driver don’t worry, hey little boy Hold on, let’s see what’s happening here, we going here we going there These are the hassles you dont want you just want to get in a tuk-tuk and go let’s see what this guy has to say Hey, [driver] good evening sir, good evening [Driver] yes you are, where would you like to go? Arakashan Road near the other railway station [driver] Arakashan Road, yes there is a hotel you have booked over there Yes all booked you have booked it? yes all booked Ok, ok, so you don’t want to book over there? No i’ve already booked a hotel don’t need to book another one Ok Arakashan Road you’re going?, yes Ok thanks, thank you [Driver] No No what? no go, ok Ok he doesn’t want to do it because they want to scam you on the hotel so will just find another one there is plenty, so So you’re gonna really have to watch yourself here so We’ll find a little spot here and see if we can find usa n honest driver Ok i’m gonna put this away for a little while just getting in the way back to ya later This is my breakfast spot, Cafe Brownie.

Exec Chair Train India Agra Cantt – Delhi Arriving Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station Executive Class Photo Gallery

That’s what i’m looking for Breakfast menu, let’s get breakfast [shop attendant] morning Good morning how are you doing? how are you sir? good thank you Good i’ll have…

[shop attendant] same? same as usual ok please have a seat thank you.

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