Okay! Five minutes on the clock. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to travel like Damon and Jo. Five minutes, let’s do it! There are three websites that Damon and Jo use all the time, every single flight. We got Skyscanner. We got StudentUniverse.com And Jetradar. Okay, all of these three sites you need to book on with an incognito window so that Private browsing mode! They can’t track your cookies so that you’re guaranteed the cheapest possible prices. We’ve been using Skyscanner for years. So much so that we even emailed them to partner with them and now you can book flights on our website. Shutupandgo.travel flights Skyscanner has this option where you can plug in your home airport and in the destination, you plug in the everywhere feature. Which means if you’re flexible, you can get a list of the cheapest destinations to go all over the world in your country. In the cities that are cheaper. Student Universe is good for anyone under or if you’re a student or if you’re a professor. You get special rates because you’re young and you beautiful. And even if you’re not under, and if you’re not a student you can still book it. AKA Damon.


And Jetradar! Jetradar is that site that will give you these ridiculously long layovers but the cheapest prices. Next! Taking a flight is not the only way. You can take Megabus, you can take Greyhound bus, you can take BoltBus. And if you book so far in advance, you might even score a bus ticket for a dollar, round trip. Okay, no, I’m exaggerating. One way! One way. So two dollars round trip. Accommodations. Airbnbs will give you sometimes weekly discounts, monthly discounts, so if you’re staying for a long time check airbnb. Also if you’re traveling in groups that’s the best way because it will end up being a lot cheaper to get a room, or an apartment than just to buy hostel beds. A hostel is a place where you book a bed in a room. So yes, you’re technically sleeping with other strangers in the room but these strangers are cool ass people. Think of, like, we’re staying in the room with you and you’d rather spend your money on other things. And they always host free events like pub crawls and concerts or whatever so if you’re traveling solo, hostels are probably your best bet and the cheapest bet. If you’re a little bit more upscale and you need to stay in a hotel, check Hotel Tonight. Some of you might be watching this like, oh y’all are travel bloggers, of course y’all can travel the world. That ain’t true! We were Damon and Jo traveling before Damon and Jo on YouTube traveling. You can be a flight attendant, you can be an English teacher abroad. You can be an au pair, you can be a volunteer at a hostel.

House sitter! One time Damon actually reached out to a hostel to see if he could volunteer in exchange for a bed and they let him! I randomly worked at the bar of a hostel in exchange for accommodation which ended up being cheaper than my lifestyle here in the United States. Right, so we have options here with jobs. I taught English once in Italy to sleep in a family’s home. If you just want to travel but you don’t know what you want to do, you’re willing to do whatever, go to helpx.net Look at the country you want to go to and there will be a job for you. Or WWOOFing which is where you work in the natural agriculture Like on a farm. I still want to do that. Me too! For free accommodations in, like, Sweden! Or you could be a study abroad advisor for a study abroad program, abroad. That was my literal back up plan! If YouTube didn’t work out, I was going to be working for John Cabot University abroad as their study abroad coordinator. Ah! I quit, I want a new job! Money! Money management, my favorite topic. Chase Sapphire! By the way, this is not a sponsored but we are telling you our gift to you. Y’all need to know, we just want to help out. So Chase Sapphire is our favorite travel card because one, there are no international transaction fees. Two, every time you spend money on travel or dining at restaurants, you get two times the points.

There’s really no point in using cash ever because you might as well get points for ordering Just make sure to pay your credit card off. If you’re looking for another option for a credit card, look at airline credit cards. A lot of them like American Airlines will have an American Airlines CitiBank Advantage card. Which any time you spend money, you’ll get points towards American Airlines’ frequent flyer program. Which means just by spending regular money, all of a sudden you’re upgraded and you get free bags and you get access to lounges because you’re partnered with their credit card. Some of them will give you free global entry which includes TSA pre-check so you zoom through security lines. Never even used it for like the first five years. We just got that. So stupid. Next! Frequent flyer miles. Okay there are three main alliances and there’s airlines partners in each. It’s super confusing. Find the alliance with the most amount of partners that you travel with. For maybe five years, we didn’t even do it. We didn’t even do it and it’s stupid! We didn’t track anything. We were, like, why are we going to track it? I travel on so many different airlines. We’ll just take the cheapest one. You get perks like free baggage, lounge access, just for flying with those alliance partners. Make sure to pick an alliance, join now. It’s always free. They’re going to give you some spammy number. Every single time you fly on that airline or with one of their alliance partners, you get miles for flying. I used to have a frequent flyer number for American Airlines and British Airways and I would do them but they’re both on the same alliance! So I was doing myself a disservice. Right, you could have just used the American Airlines number on British Airways. And gotten all the points! On American Airlines, Too much for five minutes! Anways, and that’s it! Time! So who understood stuff? Did you guys even understand that? Don’t forget to click in the description box below if what we said was a little too fast. It was way too fast but guess what? There’s a replay button. There’s a replay button and a blog that has all of these links. If you’re subscribing to us, you probably already knew a lot of these things and if you’re not subscribing to us, welcome! Welcome to the family! Please don’t forget to book flights on our site, show us some love. That’s all we have for you today, I’m Jo. And I’m Damon. And we’re Damon and Jo, we’ll see you next time! Au revoir! No, no, you say it. It’s your idea, honey! Five minutes is so short. Too short! We have to do this in minutes!.

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