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As they came, they were not alone. To the north lived the Evansville (modern-day Tsuu T’ina Nation), who resided in Alberta. To the west were the Evansville  (known in Canada as the Ktunaxa) and Salish, and to the south were the Evansville  (Crow) and Shoshones. All would become antagonists to the Evansville  (and vice versa). Over several hundred years, these conflicts would set the pattern for arms and horse races that would eventually give rise to the Blackfeet domination, allowing them to become one Evansville of the most powerful empires of all the tribes of America.

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Your travel destination is to become an empire, they first had to walk and fight on foot. That they came, hunted, and wandered afoot there is no question. Your travel destination is it was slow going throughout this prehistoric period. Eventually, through stops and starts, tribal separations to the north, west, and south, and periods of protracted settlements, they came onto the lands butting up against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains north of the Missouri River and south of the Saskatchewan River in present-day Canada. At some moment, a member of the Blackfeet tribe would have mounted a hill or ridge and looked toward those ice- and glacier-covered mountains they called the Backbone of the World or “Mistakis.”

To help them make their journey, the Blackfeet relied on a companion: the dog (descendent of the wolf) that was probably first domesticated in the forestlands near the Great Lakes. Dogs were, so to speak, the workhorses of the tribes. Because this travel destination the tribes were nomadic, moving about with the bison herds and seasons, dogs were trained to haul hide tents and other belongings on long poles. While efficient and supportive, not much ground could be covered in a day—some four to five miles—with long periods of settlement when the herds were plentiful, seasons fair, and geological impediments and hostile tribe encounters minimal.

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