Hey everyone it’s Damon. It’s Jo. It’s Damon and Jo. We have already done this “are you Parisian?” kind of , look. It was nice, but That was a space for them to watch. Yes but we can cut. Yes but it gives seconds. Are you annoying? Minus? The results. That can’t be right. I was more Parisian that you! Yeah because you’re nastier. Because I’m more stylish and cool and Uh no, have you seen my Okay, okay. Look. And now on the catwalk: Damon Dominique! Boom chika wowow. It is super hot. How crazy are you? One hundred per cent crazy! This test’s called “How Okay, How -French are you? Quebec are you? This test’s called How French are you? “After a meal at the restaurant abroad, you have to leave a tip even though the service was mediocre.” “How do you react?” “You refuse to leave a tip.” “You roll your eyes and leave or euros.” It’s not the responsability of the customer to pay for their salary, it is that of the restaurant. “A subway strike has you running late. Choose a reaction.” It is a bit shady. “Someone yells enthusiatically in a public place. How do you feel?” “Irritated, distressed, confused, delighted”. At the bottom.here. What does “dérouté” mean?


They’re yelling, oh, shouts like “Ahhh!” Yeah “Delighted”, which is not how French people would answer. “A stranger tries to start a conversation on the subway. Choose a reaction.” I engage in the conversation everytime. That’s what happens here in the L.A subway. I was wearing ripped jeans, and of course there was a woman who was like “Oh is this today’s fashion? Are you wearing two pair of trousers?” I’m always this. Yes grandma, I wear ripped jeans. “This is presented as “French bread” in a supermarket ours for example how do you feel?” Like, disrepected. Deeply sad. “How would you describe yourself?” Either “rebel” or “always hungry”. I am hungry now. I am so hungry! We’re also a bit zen. Rebel or always hungry. You’re also a bit “beauf” (French slang for “vulgar and stupid”). A colleague writes “j’ai manger” (I’ve eaten) instead of “j’ai mangé” in an email. Describe this person. Idiot. It’s basic grammar. Ok so they’re an idiot. I would like to change my answer. I don’t really like this answer because. It’s mean. It’s mean because some people don’t have the same access to education that we have. “Benêt” (Idiot).

Yeah we’re going to see what “benêt” means. A politician is having an affair. It’s not my life. Yeah like it’s none of our business. If it’s not your life, It has nothing to do with you. It has not. “A colleague schedules a meeting during lunch break. How annoyed are you?” It doesn’t annoy me, why would it? Because you know how French people like to have their really long lunch break. Yeah but no, it doesn’t annoy me at all. Let’s see. It’s a BuzzFeed test so it’s accurate. You got : “As French as Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris. So not French at all. Admit it, you’re American”. Again, another result like this! I like this film, and his role because he’s an American interested by France who wants to live there. It could be interesting if you French people took this quizz -because I want to know if there are actually French answers. Please take the quizz, we’re going to put it in the description below. Write your results in the comments below, because I want to know. Make sure to subscribe to our channel! Share! Share the . If you want. And we’ll be back next French Friday. Next friday, kiss. See you later! I’m not Owen Wilson! Actually I am. I’m not, what’s her name? Rachel McAdams, she’s super talented and beautiful, she’s a true actress. We answered super French things, how come I am American again? Meh, I don’t really care. You need to be refunded by the “Sécu” (social security). How do you react? What is the “Sécu”? Social security, I think. I remember it from when I studied in France. What was the name of that thing? OFI? Yes, OFII! The OFII certification. Stupid OFII. Ew, I hate this, a very English breakfast. It happens sometimes.

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