I go to school, because I need to. I’m sorry. Hello teacher Hi, student Is everything fine? Yes. Let’s go! I wish that I. That you? I wish that I “would eat”? I would say: “I wish that I could eat” These are different? These are different things. If I go to Camboja, I will visit you If I would go to Camboja I would visit you Guys, it’s really complicated, but I will end this class speaking better than Jo. You will Guys, let’s see if I can notice this concept You’re going out tonight I am When you leave tonight, you will go to Cais do Sodré “Go out” When you go out. When you go out tonight, let me know, but if you. When you go out tonight, let me know If you would ask someone to go out today, who would you ask? When you go out tonight you’re going to Cais do Sodré But if you “would go” at the other place, let me know Is that so?


It isn’t She’s great, guys I’m really happy for having this class with her I’m going to try to make some homework by my own Ok, now let’s complete the sentences according to the example Don’t answer the advertisement because you don’t speak portuguese If I could speak portuguese, I would answer the advertisement If I had egg at home, I could make a cake If today wasn’t your birthday, I would be mad at you I’m not gonna talk to her, because I don’t know her really well If I knew her well, I would talk to her Guys, I think I’m getting this Anyway, comment down below a good example of all of these that I’m studying I will read all the comments that you leave down there What would you do if you would find yourself in the following situations: Arriving at home and realize that you’re being robbed What would you do?

Your son or daughter wants to marry someone from a different country, race ou religion What would be your reaction? If my son or my daughter got married with someone different, I would be very happy If they didn’t got married with someone from a different country, religion or race, I wouldn’t be happy Put the verbs in the correct order: If I time, I will visit you If I. “Have” time? If I have time. Is that right? Everytime that I’m doing the homework in the bus and checking the answer, everyone thinks I’m cheating But is not like that guys I answered it right! It was right: “have” Look at this view! So portuguese! Ok guys. I’m really happy for doing this, for learning a bit more of portuguese here in Lisbon I had a portuguese teacher on the first day, but I changed it. She thought that it would be better for me to have a brazilian teacher So I found my brazilian teacher and I was really happy too Also, I want to finish this book. If you are learning portuguese like me, I’m gonna leave, I’m gonna put the link down below, ok? Ok guys, kisses! See you next time.

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