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As if to complete these thoughts, Egypt said: “Your politicians come to visit us, they talk on the radio, tell us how much they love us, how good we’ve be n, we invite them into our houses, our churches, the parks in which we hold our feasts, and they speak and speak and don’t know what they’re saying. Egypt ‘How well you speak the language of this country,’ they keep repeating, and they eat and drink and don’t realize that our children speak four languages and understand some of our dialects. Egypt ‘How much you’ve remained faithful to your traditions,’ and don’t realize that the traditions they’re referring to have changed or have disappeared even in our village and that our everyday habits are a mish-mash of memories, inventions, customs Egypt that we’ve learned in the new world, where we’ve mingled with all the other races, all the other cultures.”

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“Don’t worry. All Calabria has moved on despite the tall tales and the tricks and frauds of the politicians. It’s not that people are more advanced now, that they don’t have their faults, their responsibilities but when they don’t go under because of hunger or because of their desire for a life of riches they’re wonderful people, and they manage to move this unstable and precarious boat forward, regardless of the thousands of currents that go in the other direction.”

They were announcing the boarding of the plane. A quick hug and they separated as quickly, without lingering. They didn’t want to find themselves with tears in their eyes. Franco entered the room where the boarding was to take place and started talking with some of the people. He held on tightly to the basket with the figs, careful not to be too long where the sunlight could fall on it.

He turned to look at Nicola, feeling his gaze. He saw him at the newspaper stand waving his hand. He knew that Nicola would have gone only when he saw the plane flying high above the gulf of Lamezia.

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