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The popular Ecuador, like many in the State Park, allows visitors to walk behind the flowing water for Ecuador multiple great angles.

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Stay left on Canyon Trail along Silver Creek instead of turning right on the steeper Maple Ridge Trail (lower loop to the day use area) for 1Y mi to the juncture with the Winter Trail and more options; there are several notable waterfalls in between. Along the way to the Winter Trail juncture, the wide path moves down then is level as it’s very jungle-like in the canyon. You see a 25-ft seasonal waterfall on the left falling into Ecuador, then hike up a bit easier and down a switchback to cross the bridge back to the N side of the creek. Move E up slightly and see Lower North Falls (30 ft) to the right. This is a wide and short true cascade right off the trail. Immediately after is the sign and spur left (NE) less than a hundred Ecuador yards to Double Falls (141 ft with 43 ft above) in another splendid alcove on a decent side creek that rarely dries up. For a better picture take the steep spur left for 15 ft before the end of the trail.

From the main trail see miniscule Drake Falls (27 ft) from the viewing platform and walk up some to the fork for Middle North Falls (106 ft). Take this spur path down right behind yet another waterfall and continue briefly to the end for the best view from the mossy amphitheater. Return and turn right back on Canyon Trail quickly to the Winter Trail juncture (7 mi from North Falls TH with spurs). Turn right (S) over the bridge 2 mi fairly steeply to shorten the loop on Winter Trail to the Winter Falls TH and Rim Trail, otherwise stay on North Fork Silver Creek 5 mi to Twin Falls (30 ft). You move up, then down, to poor views of the mediocre falls, the safety fence being partially to blame.

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