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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re on the Emerald Isle in the wonderful city of Dublin a city I love. And I cannot wait to share with you let’s go no Greg the camera Dublin a city. So positively dripping with culture that it makes the rest of us look bored er line barbaric literature art music food drink definitely the drink Dublin has made immeasurable. And indelible contributions to all of them but it’s not just a city for the culture hungry tourists no sir in the last decade Irel. And .

And particularly Dublin has emerged as an international business capital. And a major European transport hub. And that is where we’ll begin our show with a major overhaul of its airport infrastructure. And some flyer friendly tax breaks Dublin is now a popular transit point for passengers flying in. And out of Europe it’s particularly popular as a stopover flights from the US because. And this is. So cool you can clear US immigration in Dublin.

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So let’s say you’re travelling from London to New York via Dublin while your planes being refueled in Dublin you can go through u.s. passport control in Dublin Airport. So that when you get to New York you don’t have to go through US passport control which at JFK is a nightmare you go into a domestic terminal right out into the arrivals hole just like you’ve arrived from Miami or Des Moines Dublin is one of only three airports outside of North America that have this feature.

And it’s an absolute gem. So when you’re booking your next flight between North America. And Europe or vice versa it’s well worth looking to see if a stop in Dublin can help with costs. And connections. And for my British friends isl. And doesn’t have air passenger duty. So if you’re flying in North America Asia or the Middle East it’s definitely worth looking into flying out of Dublin you could save a boatload of cash on those taxes that we get lumbered with okay.

So you’ve arrived at Dublin Airport how do you get into town your options are pretty limited there’s no train or subway service although they’re planning on it. So your best bet is a taxi or one of the airport bus services that leave from just outside the arrivals hall an airport bus will cost about nine euros to get into the center of Dublin.

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