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Takes about thirty minutes a taxi from the airport to the city centre will cost about euros but will be much faster that said Dublin traffic can be nasty at times. So plan accordingly once you’re in town there are a number of options for getting around for starters there’s the Lewes tram which has two lines serving different parts of the city the red line runs in an east-west direction. And the Green Line which serves the south side of Dublin both lines have frequent stops throughout Dublin but if you need to change between lines be warned that it’s a -minute walk between the Green Line terminus. And the red line terminus you can grab a ticket on the platform.

And a single ticket costs one euro. And fifty cents if you think you might use Dublin’s public transport system even just a couple of times it’s worth grabbing a leap card Dublin stored value ticketing system it works on Dublin’s extensive network of buses the Lewes tram. And local railway lines. And it offers discounts over regular paper tickets for figuring out how to get around Dublin on public transport be sure to download transport for isl. And s very h. And y mobile app which can help you plan your route there’s a link to the app in the show notes below Google Maps is also excellent for planning your journey on public transport.

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And because the majority of Dublin’s buses now have free Wi-Fi you don’t need to worry about roaming charges if public transport isn’t your thing then uber has an extensive network here. And you can hail one of Dublin’s , taxis that’s more than New York City by the way with the local taxi app Halo or with your h. And links to both apps are in the show notes below since Irel. And has used the euro as its currency I know it surprises a lot of people but it’s true I checked on Wikipedia if you’re not familiar with the euro it’s the currency used in countries across Europe. And there are a hundred cents in a euro right now the Euro converts to around. US dollars. Australian dollars. And .

British pounds check the show notes below for our favourite exchange rate tools but despite the Euro being pretty weak right now Dublin is still a surprisingly expensive city let’s do the rundown cup of coffee will cost around euros. And you’re never far away from coffee because there’s a Starbucks right here. And one across the street a pint of the beautiful black stuff across to around euros. And the most reliable indicator of a nation’s costigan old Big Mac will run you about euros. And cents about dollars. And for more on what can be called Irel.

And ‘s greatest export don’t forget to check out our free section later in the show. And yes beer is food that is all beer. So what about that always delicate subjective tipping like a lot of European cities there’s not as strong tipping culture here in Irel. And but there are a lot of places where it is starting to become the norm in restaurants with table service to percent is a very reasonable tip for a good meal with good service well by the way watch out for those discretionary service charges tacked on to your bill especially at more touristy locations taxi drivers won’t expected tip but it is cool to round up the fare to the nearest euro if you’re reading this show.

And thank you for reading the show chances are you don’t have a whole lot of time in each of the city as you visit you’re here for meetings for business or you were passing through on your way to another far-flung destination but it would be unforgivable of us not to talk about the food. And drink in each of the seas we visit because as far as I’m concerned the fastest way to expose yourself to a city’s culture is to immerse yourself in its food. And drink but since time is short in our show is even shorter I’m just gonna pick that one thing that you simply cannot miss while you’re here taste the oyster Irel. And has great food comforting food storied food from local classics like the ha’penny breakfast at the winding stair to more international flavors you’re never going to go hungry in Dublin but the dish I want to talk about today is the dish that is arguably Irel.

And ‘s most famous export. And it isn’t even a dish I’m challenging you to find me anything more beautiful than a freshly poured pint I guess. So I asked the guys than the Dublin’s subreddit on reddit comm where I should go to find the perfect pint of Guinness. And almost without exception the answer was Mulligan’s here on pullback Street if you’ve got a pint of Guinness there’s a tip though a requirement that you should know wait just wait before you grab it’s irresistible blackness let it do its thing I don’t let it settle let it relax just like you wouldn’t grab a steak right off the grill. And cut into it neither would you grab a pint of Guinness right after it’s been poured I promise you the weight will be worth it. So that’s the atashi a guide to Dublin if you think there’s anything we’ve missed or you live in Dublin. And there’s something you want everybody to know about this wonderful city don’t forget to leave it in the comments below. And while you’re there subscribe to our blog because we have a whole load of great cities coming up for you but until next time you.

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