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You can use them on buses Metro tram water taxis. And the important thing to remember is that you can’t use cash on any of those services. So it’s really worth getting one of these Dubai’s metro system runs the length of the city. And covers most business. And tourism destinations there are two lines on the Metro the red which stretches from the airport to Jebel Ali in the south. And the green which Criss crosses the city one weird anomaly about the Metro is for some reason it doesn’t run on Friday morning. So bear that in mind as you plan your day’s adventures uber operates throughout the city. And cars seem widely available the price is comfortable to taxi. So really the only difference is convenience but if you find yourself an old Dubai. And I strongly recommend that you do.

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And you need to get from one side of the creek to the other the best way to do it is the water buses the water taxis jump on enjoy the view get a breath of fresh air it’s a great way to see old Dubai the Arabic is not an easy language to learn but I have a solution for you visit our friends over at itok e buy one Arabic lesson. And you’ll get another absolutely free just click on the link in the show notes below for all the details this is a city where you can indulge in the finest French cuisine sample the latest in molecular gastronomy or figure out what the hell has Tim Blumenthal has been creating labels on the other end of the spectrum you can curl up in the warm comforting bosom of Applebee’s in TGI Fridays you can do that in any city sure it’s great to have a wide selection of food. And I don’t think anywhere in the world can top to buy that but part of what we want to do on this show is highlight what’s unique about a city. And I think the best way to do that is through its food. And it’s food culture. And we have found somebody to take us on a journey to all of what Dubai’s food has to offer.

So I am. So glad that we had this opportunity to hang out with Arva who runs not only the best food blog in Dubai by a country mile but but frying-pan adventures which is a warning tell us what it is because it sounds amazing like it’s basically an eating tour which that is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life yes. So essentially it’s it’s a food tour we take people from restaurant to restaurant. And sampling different dishes but then we realize that food is actually a way of opening up. So many different cultures all of the different types of cultures that have made to buy their home I mean when you see a Messing pot the only way that I think you can taste that melting pot is if you actually stretch your h. And out.

And dip it into some of Olduvai because Dubai is sort of an extraordinary amalgamation of culture kind of either new arrivals or Compendium. And they all seem to have brought elements of their food culture with them. So you have this extraordinary mix when you say you bring people to this part of town where are we what is this sure. So this this is one of the many restaurants that we feature across our experiences it’s called Beit al kadhi which means the old house. And the restaurant itself is actually not that old but what it’s built on is over century old. So making regard right now which is from the words rocked out which means really thick everything okay. And this would have been the natural way of making bread from ancient times because if you didn’t have an oven likely places like the desert you wouldn’t know you didn’t have ease this is the kind of really thin cracker like bread you would make. And it’s very good on in this thing.

So it’s become a part of the local culture beautiful after sampling the delights of one of the oldest restaurants in town arvit ickis further into old dubai where we experienced flavors. And foods often overlooked by tourists including a breakfast roll garnished with none other than special potato chips from Oman it’s a favorite of artists. And now ours ways to get it perfect right. And just when we thought our gastronomic journey was coming to an end Arbutus back to where our tour began for a classic Emirati desert this looks beautiful what is it fried dough yeah right okay boys we call it low gamer. And MRRT lingo slow game art from the word look mall just means small like wow okay I’m just gonna use you guys later despite being a pretty liberal place by regional st.

And ards it’s important to mention that Dubai follows Islamic sharia law now as we mentioned in previous episodes it doesn’t matter what you think about a country’s customs or laws as visitors we have to be respectful. And deferential of those laws that’s just part of being a good world citizen now I’m not going to get into the fine print about the laws here but it’s absolutely worth you spending some time to familiarize yourself with them over public displays of affection drinking alcohol at the wrong place or the wrong time even losing your temper. And gets you in a lot of trouble but if you arrived here prepared. And exercised just a little common sense you’re going to be fun the UAE including Dubai use the dear M as its currency notes range from five to , ATMs are everywhere. And credit cards are widely accepted but two things to note on that a lot of the local restaurants the smaller mom-. And -pop shops are almost always cash only. So make sure you have a few Dereham. And your pocket also MasterCard. And Visa widely accepted American Express less. So.

And tipping our good friend it’s actually relatively simple here to percent on top of your restaurant bill is more than adequate if you’ve had a good experience round up to the nearest Ihram in the taxi. And that’s really about it Dubai has some of the best shopping in the world every major br. And from across the planet seems to be represented in many of its gigantic malls. And the best part about it it’s all tax. And duty-free. So you can get some incredible bargains here shopping is a great example of Dubai’s go big or go home attitude we’re in the Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping mall in the entire world. And to give you a sense of scale I want you to think about every restaurant shop outlet in every mall you’ve ever been to in every country you’ve ever visited now go back through time. And get every version of all of those shops that have ever existed even the ones that are defunct the Kenny Rogers Roasters the Bob’s Big Boy whatever.

And put them all in one place that will probably get you the food court here at the Dubai Mall that’s the kind of scale that we’re talking it has an aquarium one a nice drink they got it an actual ice rink in the middle of a shopping mall but enough about that what are things cost in Dubai let’s do the rundown a cup of coffee err cluster around their amps pint of beer Oh cost around DRMs if the most reliable indicator in the nations cost the good old Big Mac you’re going to pay about D wraps around pounds Dubai is the city of contrasts fold a new modern traditional fast. And slow but to me true Dubai lies off the beaten path away from the malls.

And Michelin stars down the alleyways sat at the communal tables you’ll find the true spirit of divide this is an exciting industrious City that is building the future on the unshakable foundation of its past. And that my friends is the atashi guide to Dubai if you’ve been here before. And feel like there’s something we’ve missed or you live in this great city. And feel like there’s something that everybody needs to know. And leave it in the comments section below but until next time safe travels thanks to our friends at Emirates for getting us to Dubai in style visit Emirates comm for more.

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